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Last-Minute Valentine Party for School

Quick! You need a last-minute solution for your classroom valentine’s day party. Here is a super-easy game and activity that kids of all ages will love!


  • Printer and paper
  • 2 large bags of small conversation hearts
  • 1 1.55 oz. Hershey chocolate bar for each student
  • A Valentine treat for the class, maybe juice boxes, and napkins
  • 10 small prizes for the game

easy valentine party game

Game 1:

  • Give each child a small pile of conversation hearts (at least 25).
  • Tell the children to stack their conversation hearts as tall as possible in a single column.
  • Then watch the clock, call start and let them try for 60 seconds. Call time. See who has the highest stack and award a prize. Play game 10 times through or to last through your prizes. The children will get better and better.
Candy Bar Wrapper
Class Activity for Valentine’s Day

Activity: Decorate a candy wrapper to take home.

Give each child a printout of this PDF Valentine-Wrapper. Let them use their crayons or markers to decorate the wrapper for someone special. When they are finished cut out and wrap the paper around a Hershey’s bar for each child to take home. They may want to take the jokes on the paper home to read to their parents.

When a child is finished, he can browse his collection of valentines and enjoy the treats brought in.

Game 2:

Play a classroom game like duck-duck-goose with the younger set, or heads-up 7-up, hangman, or even pictionary with the older elementary students. Valentine phrases for black-board hangman or pictionary:

  • Cupid
  • Cupcake
  • Broken Heart
  • Best Friend
  • Chocolate
  • Candy Heart
  • Sweetheart
  • Be Mine
  • True Love


A Free Game for Your Grade-School Valentine Party

Room parents unite! After nine years of room parenting in the elementary school, the parties get easier every year. In our public school, the room parent is responsible for two parties, Halloween and Valentine’s. Here is my favorite Valentine’s Day party activity – a hit every time – which I have used from grade 2 through 5. Combined with decorating a cookie, some silly valentine poems and exchanged valentine cards to open, this easily fills our 45 minute party.

Brachs’ Conversation Hearts games:
You need:

  • Brachs’ small conversation hearts (small handful per child)
  • game card (below)
  • small prizes

GAME 1. Bingo: Match the conversation hearts you were given to the bingo board. Can you get a bingo across, down or diagonally? (The best part about this game is you don’t have to call out numbers.)

GAME 2. Heart tower: timed at 30 seconds or one minute, students race to see who can build the tallest stack of conversation hearts. These are uneven little candies and a stack of 10 is quite a challenge. Stacks are counted when timer goes off. Tallest stack wins a prize. (Game is fairly quiet, but the kids say they love it.)

YUM! 3. Eat the conversation hearts.

Here is a bingo card made for the 2009 mix of Brach’s small conversation hearts. (Other brands use different phrases.) The phrases have to be updated each year.