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Halloween Party Ideas for School Parties

It’s almost that time of year again to begin thinking about 25 or 30 little monsters in a room with games and sweets. Scary. Enjoy these classroom party ideas and please contribute any ideas and activities that have worked for you with the rest of us room-parents!

This year my son hits sixth grade, and probably does not want me in the classroom at all. Low key is the answer, and the party has to be a hit. But no pressure! I found ideas for all ages on this blog article page. I pulled one game from this article, which will work for all ages. I am going with a carnival theme for the games and will set up stations for the kids to rotate. They liked that last year. Here is my party recipe for 2012:

TryItMom.comtoilet paper pumpkin bowling game



  • Assign two volunteers to bring party treats (rice krispie treats and caramel apple bites will be suggested.)
  • Assign one volunteer for a gallon of apple cider, plus I will bring a pitcher for those who prefer water.
  • Assign one volunteer to bring in halloween plates, cups and napkins.
  • Ask a final volunteer, or several combined, to bring in enough small prizes for the class. Oriental Trading company type toy/gadgets. We will need about 75 for carnival game prizes. I am thinking bulk treasure chest goodies like the dentist gives out.
  • STATION 1: Prepare the ghost bowling game as pinned to Pinterest. Love this!
  • STATION 2: Prepare this witches hat ring-bag-toss game I saw on pinterest.
  • STATION 3: Charades with the clues tied into filled balloons. (Child must pop balloon to get his word. Terms are popular halloween costumes. Arrange orange balloons into a pumpkin shape on a board if you wish.)
  • STATION 4: Prepare a halloween ping pong ball toss by gluing three black plastic cups to a box so they stay upright. Give each child a turn to toss three ping pong balls into the cups. (A sharpie marker can turn orange ping pong balls into pumpkins, or white ones into eyeballs)
  • STATION 5: Snacks

Enjoy your party!

Classroom Halloween Party Ideas

Here is this year’s recipe for an easy Halloween party for elementary school. Be sure to make use of the other parents who volunteered to contribute snacks or prizes for the party, and get them a list of exactly what you need a couple of weeks before the party. It cuts your work and expense, but most importantly, the children of these contributing parents are SO happy to help with the party!

1. 1 gallon of fresh Apple Cider (yum)

2. Cookies or rice krispie treats for each child

3. Apple slices

4. Plates, napkins and paper cups

owl mobile5. Craft: choose an age-appropriate craft that is not too messy! Try this owl mobile for older kids, or even a construction paper cat, or paper spider.

Another activity you could choose in lieu of a craft is cookie decorating. Kids love spreading the frosting and adding sprinkles. You’ll have a little more mess, but lots of fun! Provide spoonfuls of frosting to each child in a small paper cup, along with a popsicle stick or plastic knife for spreading.

6. An Active Game. Kids love games that get them moving. For a fun, non-competitive game you can play in a classroom, check out these favorites:

  • A relay race using plastic pumpkins as the catch-all for each team, and a Halloween item they must balance on a spoon, run across the room, and deposit in the pumpkin. Lightweight items such as eyeballs made of marshmallows or small balloons colored with scary faces would work well.
  • Use the “Cake Walk” Idea. Place numbered paper pumpkins in a circle on the floor, and turn on the spooky Halloween music. The kids walk the circle until the music stops. Draw a number or roll the dice. The student on the chosen number wins a prize!

7. A Backup Game. Just in case you have time left, here are some fun activities which require little preparation:

  • Little kids like to parade around the classroom in their costumes. Sometimes they do well with circling up, and taking turns in the center “acting” their costume.
  • An good backup game for 4th grade and up is hangman. Appropriate for a halloween, double the fun by trying spooky halloween words.
  • A halloween coloring page

8. Prizes or favors

Don’t forget the most necessary party item: patience! Keep in mind that what seems like total chaos to a parent is still fun for the kids.

Adapt any of these ideas for a fun halloween party or even a family night with a craft and special treats.