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Got 15 Minutes? Take Your Family Christmas Card Photo NOW!

Don’t Forget…although Christmas is still nearly two months away, now is the time to take your photo for your Christmas or holiday greeting card and place your card order.

1. Have the kids change their shirts so they don’t clash – 5 minutes

2. Get all the kids in one room, or better yet, outside in the shade. – 5 minutes

3. Start snapping. – 5 minutes

4. Order online and email the photo: 20 minutes

Total: 35 minutes for something you will treasure forever, and your friends and family will love to receive! Priceless.

Ordering early also allows you time to assemble your cards for mailing, add a handwritten note and address them.

Take some pressure out of an already busy holiday season and check one thing off this week! It will guarantee that your Christmas card will get out in time when mail services are already overwhelmed with greeting cards, packages and letters to Santa.

Last minute Christmas shopping might be a fun, family tradition, but last-minute Christmas cards are definitely not!

What To Do With All Your Christmas Cards

Time to take down all the holiday decorations! What are you going to do with all those Christmas cards you have received? Here are some green ideas:
photo holiday cards

  • Save the photo cards in your photo album. It is always fun to look back at the family photos years later!
  • Save your holiday cards in a basket. Each week, at a family dinner, pull a card or two out and talk about who the card was from and what they mean to your family. Follow up with a call or note and you have an easy way to touch base with people throughout the busy year.
  • Assemble the beautiful card art into a children’s ABC book! A is for angels, B is for Bethlehem, C is for Christmas Tree…. W is for Wise Men. How many letters can you find a picture to match? Just use an empty inexpensive photo album to assemble the book which can be created over time to share with the family’s small children at Christmastime.
    W is for Wise Men
  • Make gift tags! The front of most holiday cards have beautiful designs. Simply cut out a rectangle from your favorite part of the card, and fold in half to make a colorful gift tag for next Christmas!