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First Rate Finds for a First Communion

Some fun First Communion finds for this week include a family story about a shared first communion gown, first communion gift ideas like this lovely girls missal with full illustrations of the mass, and this fabulous cake for First Communion Parties.

After the event, you may want to collect memories onto a beautiful scrapbook page. Gorgeous supplies for scrapbooking this special day include beautiful coordinated patterns and art for a great keepsake.


first communion invitation

The perfect gift for First Communion

celtic cross rosary
Rosary in gift box
Girls rosary with personalized keepsake box

A child’s First Holy Communion is one of the most significant events of their religious life. Such an important occasion warrants a gift to celebrate, but receiving a first communion invitation does not translate to a difficult gift shopping task.

Communion Rosary Bracelet

There are always the conventional rosaries, medals and bibles. Rosaries are one of the most popular communion gifts for children, and while a common gift, they shouldn’t be crossed off the list of possibilities.  It is possible to receive and use more than one.
Jewelry or medals are also an option.  They can be saved or worn for years to come.

first communion medal
Eucharistic Five Way Medal

But what if a family member or friend is uncomfortable giving a religious gift?  The gift given doesn’t have to be religious to be meaningful.  There are alternative ideas that acknowledge how special the day is without being religious.  Cash is always an option.  It may not seem like a personal gift but it is the easiest and is always appreciated.  Money gifts can be in the form of a gift card to a favorite store or a savings bond to be used for a college fund. You may even want to consider a donation to the family’s favorite charity in the child’s name.

37 Bible Stories in this First Communion Bible

Another idea is a good leather wallet.  The children are at an age where they are becoming aware of the responsibilities of money and the pleasure of having some of their own.  A watch is another option.  They are at an age where telling time is a new learning experience and a nice watch to wear either for everyday or dress-up will be a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness. Consider engraving the date of their communion on the back.

It is not uncommon for adults to still have keepsakes from their First Communion.  Your thoughtful gift may be one of them.