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An Alternative Spring Bridal Shower

Spring Bridal ShowerWhy not capitalize on the spring fever of your guests as a theme for your bridal shower? Host your spring bridal shower at a local garden for a refreshing bridal shower alternative. New beginnings for both our yards and their relationship! Carry the spring theme through with these freshly sprouted options:

  • Serve a garden tea menu with tea and coffee, lemonade, small gourmet sandwiches, salad, fruit and pretty desserts.
  • Since your party will be outside, be sure to include “outdoor garden shower” on your shower invitation with “casual attire”. You may even want to include a rain date.
  • Set up a potting table to allow your guests to build their own container gardens favor. Have several planters pre-made made for these who don’t like to get their hands dirty.
  • Have a garden professional come to the shower to give a brief talk about planning a flower garden. Or, perhaps the speaker could demonstrate how to make the container garden. Set up chairs to that guests can choose to sit and listen if they wish, or mingle if they don’t.
  • Use name tags with different flowers and have each guest pick their flower.
  • Set up a gift display table so that guests do not have to sit and watch the gifts being opened. If you wish, you can indicate “display shower” on the invitation and let your guests know to only wrap their gift with a bow.
  • Set colorful seed packets out for guests to choose from as they leave the shower. Attach a note to each packet thanking them for attending the bridal shower.

Baby 2 Bee Baby Shower Theme

If mom-to-be loves bees, make her shower all the buzz with a baby-2-bee theme baby shower.

Baby Bee baby shower invitation
Once you have selected your date, time and venue, you can get your bee baby shower invitations mailed. Be prompt, sending them at about 4 weeks prior to the shower! Invite them to bee there with a bee baby shower invitation from Naptime Productions.

The next item to plan is your bee baby shower menu and decorations. For a bee baby shower honey is a must! Perhaps tea with honey, honey cakes, or biscuits with honey. Compliment with tea sandwiches and salads for an easy buffet, with bee-shaped cookies or cake and fresh flowers to decorate the table.

bee shaped cake

bee cake decorations

For bee party favors, we found these cute-as-can-bee soaps, scented in a delightful citrus scent. Honey jars would also make fun, useful bee party favors. Or perhaps a corsage for each guest? With a little chenille bee in each corsage?

Bee soap party favor

honey bee party favors
A special touch added to the gift table or even as a decoration would be these bee-autiful bee shoes, available in mary janes or tennis shoe styles. Baby 2 bee will look great in them!

bee baby shoes
bee baby shoes

bee diaper cake

A bee diaper cake can double as a table decoration and gift… topped with Burt’s Bees products of course. Worried about over-doing the bee theme? Just keep them small! Big bees are scary!

bees in love bridal shower invitation

If you are planning a bridal shower for the bride-2-bee, a bee theme will work for you, too! Use the same ideas listed above… skipping the the baby shoes and diaper cake! (That may bee a little presumptive.)

Be sure to let all your friends and family know about the bee wedding shower with memorable invitations, like this one. They will want to bee there since this match was meant to bee!


Pink and Orange – Still Hot!

Pink and orange look great together. But the dominant color really decides the look. More pink than orange and you have a hip little girl’s room, or a sweet wedding color scheme. More orange than pink, and you have a tropical bedroom or a happening prom dress.

bridal shower invitations

Wedding Invitations

You can vary the shades from baby pink to fushia, from melon to burnt orange to tweak your theme. A baby shower in blush and clementine would be sweet and modern. A bridal shower in deep pink and tangerine would be exciting and feminine. The pink and orange bridal shower invitation would feel very different from the pink and orange baby shower invitation, just because of the difference in intensity.

Gerbera Daisy Invitation

The pink and orange wedding has moved from a tropical destination wedding trend to a popular nation-wide trend.

Is orange going to be the new pink? It doesn’t have to be. Pink and orange wedding invitations usually give the bride a place to use more pink or orange, i.e. in the ink, ribbon or paper choice. There are many options in the celebration to tone down or jazz up the pink and orange vibe until the combination excites your bridesmaids, without scaring your grandmother.

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