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Host a family affair with a baby-viewing party

welcome babyYour little bundle of joy is finally here and your family and friends are surely scrambling to find time to come and see the newborn. Send out some birth announcements and plan a date for a gathering that works for everyone.

Your first “birthday party” will be a casual affair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add decorative accents like balloons, imprinted napkins or party tableware for an added dash of color. Use a larger room and place your baby’s crib in the middle, so your family and friends can each take their turn with the new babe. Don’t forget the hand sanitizer!

Add your invitation text to the bottom of your birth announcement.

Try to plan a small luncheon for your loved ones so you can all sit together at the same table with the new baby. Prepare a dish beforehand you can throw straight in the oven such as a casserole or lasagna.

Guests can bring gifts but for the most part, your child’s party should be a social occasion to celebrate the new addition to the family. Be sure to take plenty of pictures and enjoy this special day when your relatives get to meet the new baby.

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New Grandparents Rule!

Princess birth announcement
Along with all of the pride and excitement of a new grandchild, comes the realization of the responsibility and care these precious new lives may require from their doting new grandparents.

Whether it’s your first or third little blessing, there are things you can do to help the new parents make the adjustment. Your own personal experiences with anything from walking with a fussy baby to knowing just the right trick to getting out a nasty formula stain can help relieve what can be a stressful, tiring time. And your patience and understanding will not only help create a new kind of bond with your own adult children, but will begin a lifetime of caring and sharing with that new little someone.

Working with the style and preferences of the new babies parents, select a few ideas to help and support the parents of the new baby.
1. Take lots of pictures and deliver prints in an album.
2. Bring over pre-made meals to leave in the refrigerator.
3. Take the older siblings out on a play date.
4. Ask to help with dishes or laundry.
5. Be a good listener, or shoulder to cry on.
6. Help the new mom find that elusive nap!