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Frozen Dinner Baby Showers

Riceland Cheesie Chicken Casserole
I like the idea of a frozen dinner baby shower. During the hospital stay and immediately following when the baby first comes home, there will be little time for cooking meals, and relying on fast food for even three or four days is not healthy, in some cases not all that tasty, and certainly not cheap! So having a shower where the each guest brings a frozen meal takes a lot of pressure off of the family already busy adjusting to the new little one in the home, and provides the family with convenient, wholesome meals. But you can take this idea a whole lot further

Instead of freezing meals, each guest can pick a day to go over to the home and prepare a meal. Not only will the family have a fresh, hot meal, but they will also enjoy the company of a family friend, which for Mom, who may not get out much in the next week or two, would be a much needed adult visitor.

Certainly gift cards to favorite eating venues would also be convenient for mom, dad, and the children, but try for something other then the regular burger and fries fare. Maybe Chinese takeout is a family favorite, or Italian is more their taste. A little change of pace is just the thing for a family under the direction of the new little boss for the first couple of weeks before everything settles into a normal routine.

welcome new baby!For a different take, instead of frozen or home cooked meals, what if each guests picks a day to volunteer their time to do laundry, tidy up the house, run errands, babysit, shop for groceries or serve as chauffeur for the day? Turn it into a baby shower game along the lines of pin the tail on the donkey. Hang up a calendar and have blindfolded guests stick a pin on a date. On that day they come over and perform a task like cooking a meal, cleaning a room, or even babysitting the new little one as well as siblings, giving Mom and Dad a little break to get out of the house for an hour or two just by themselves, something they will not be able to do much in the coming months.

Avoiding the “Dreaded Baby Shower”

baby shower invitationsI tend to get excited about baby showers, themes and gifts, as I am a born baby lover. However, attending a baby shower is NOT always looked forward to with such enthusiasm by your entire guest list. The mom-to-be’s closest family and friends will of course want to be there to share in the joy. They will likely have fun just being together. But what about the rest of your guests. How can you make this baby shower fun for them? Here are a few ideas. Feel free to contribute more ideas!!

  • Consider having a “display shower.” We are seeing more invitations mentioning at the end of their information “display shower – please bring unwrapped gifts.” The gifts are arranged on a gift display table like at a wedding. We have also seen this termed a “no-wrap” gift shower, or a “green shower” since no wrapping paper was sacrificed to the dump due to the planning of this shower.Advantages: no one has to sit through 1.5 hours of tedious gift unwrapping! Anyone interested in looking through the gifts can peruse the table. If not, they are free to mix and mingle, or get involved in any other activities you have planned, more like a party.Disadvantages: guests may feel uncomfortable just dropping an unwrapped gift on the table. They will want to dress up their package a bit anyway. A bow and gift tag should do it.
  • Make it special for your guests, not just for the expectant mother. Beautiful favors, special foods, and a friendly atmosphere will make your guests glad they came. Have your conversation starters ready!
  • Consider hosting a non-traditional baby shower. A backyard barbecue couples shower, a picnic with kids invited, or an elegant afternoon tea may break your party out of the mold.
  • If the mom-to-be does not really want or need a big shower, perhaps plan a small event with close friends or immediate family. The small, personal gathering and the knowledge that you are excited about the new baby is best gift for the new parents. You can also chip in to get one big gift that will mean the world to them.
  • Make it easy on your guests. It is good to know that Miss Manners does not wish to see registry information on an invitation, or any mention of gifts, but there is also reality. Most people bring a gift to a shower. Helping guests easily find something that will be a hit is a kindness. But don’t give any gift specifics or requirements on the invitation. Your guest should have complete gift freedom. If they need specific ideas, they will call.

Stickers to go with your party invitation

monkey baby shower stickers
Stickers are here! If you are looking for an easy ways to coordinate your party accessories, consider our stickers. If you don’t see them for the design you will be ordering, ask! We can make them to match any invitation. Here are a few ideas for using them:


  • 50th anniversary stickers
    Dress up the back of the envelope with a matching sticker
  • Add stickers to your favor bags or boxes
  • Add stickers to your napkins or napkin and plasticware rolls
  • Decorate game materials with a sticker
  • Add them to thank you note envelopes
  • Add them to name tags or corsages
  • Add them to vases or other decorations

cowboy baby shower stickersA few favorite stickers include Monkey Baby Shower themes, Cowboy shower themes, and gold anniversary stickers.

Goodbye Dull Shower

Picture this: you are sitting at a banquet table next to three people you do not know, and one co-worker, sipping coffee and watching a good friend open gifts. Are you having fun yet?

How can you avoid the dull-shower-syndrome caused by too much gift opening and too little fun? Keep in mind that your guests, though happy about the upcoming wedding or baby that you are showering, are more immediately concerned about reminiscing with old friends and enjoying the party. Stir in some of these ideas to create lively conversation, new friendships and a party atmosphere.

  • Encourage conversation during the gift opening by setting up seating in small groups and not requiring the guests to focus solely on the gifts.
  • Set out photos of the guests with the mom-to-be or parents-to be. These photos may start conversations between family and friends, and among generations.
  • Include conversation starters at each place setting. You could tuck a question for each place-setting under the plate or with the napkin. For a bridal shower, use questions related to dating, marriage and love: questions like, “do opposites attract?” or “what would be the most romantic proposal?” For a baby shower you could propose questions about infancy or childhood such as, “What is your earliest memory of your mother?” or “How many children is the perfect number? Why?”
  • Put cameras on the tables for the guests to use during the shower. Perhaps give light-hearted photo assignments such as:
    –photograph each person at the table with their best parenting or wedded-bliss expression
    — capture each guest holding a baby doll
    — take a picture of each guest toasting the marriage
    Taking the photos will add a fun activity and will provide you with conversation starters for future events.
  • Offer novel treats and beverages. A lovely buffet spread. Cheerful umbrellas in the cups. Adorable desserts.
  • Many people prefer to have games at showers for the guests. If you ask your guests to join in games, choose interactive, conversational games. baby shower bingoQuietly filling out worksheets does not conversation make. Gift bingo, on the other hand, encourages conversation within each group and offers you a chance to incorporate a humorous prize, or celebratory dance to liven things up.
  • Break up the gift-opening time by starting a balloon or beach ball volley from table to table.
  • Designate a “secret word” that the guest-of-honor may say during gift opening. Quietly ask guests to throw confetti or mini-marshmallows each time the secret word is said.
  • Eliminate the gift-opening by having guests bring gifts wrapped only with a ribbon. This allows the guest-of-honor to mingle and talk with more guests.