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Frozen Dinner Baby Showers

I like the idea of a frozen dinner baby shower. During the hospital stay and immediately following when the baby first comes home, there will be little time for cooking meals, and relying on fast food for even three or

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Avoiding the “Dreaded Baby Shower”

I tend to get excited about baby showers, themes and gifts, as I am a born baby lover. However, attending a baby shower is NOT always looked forward to with such enthusiasm by your entire guest list. The mom-to-be’s closest

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Stickers to go with your party invitation

Stickers are here! If you are looking for an easy ways to coordinate your party accessories, consider our stickers. If you don’t see them for the design you will be ordering, ask! We can make them to match any invitation.

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Goodbye Dull Shower

Picture this: you are sitting at a banquet table next to three people you do not know, and one co-worker, sipping coffee and watching a good friend open gifts. Are you having fun yet? How can you avoid the dull-shower-syndrome

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