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Planning an Anniversary Celebration

Celebration of your parents anniversary provides you with a way to honor their years of commitment with the greatest gift: time with the people they love. While most parents would agree to a party, many anniversary parties are thrown as

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Anniversary Quotations

Are you looking for anniversary quotations to incorporate into a special anniversary toast, or an appropriate verse to add to your anniversary greetings? Here are some of our favorite anniversary quotations and bible verses related to wedding anniversaries: Anniversary Quotations:

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Quotes for an Anniversary Toast

Celebrating a young couple in love is a joy, but watching a couple who have been married for a quarter or half a century is a privilege. If you’ve been given the honor of giving the toast at this very

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Anniversary Ideas for Your Parents, Without the Big Party

You’d love to throw a party for your parents celebrating their 50th or 60th anniversary, but travel or health issues make it impossible to hold a reception. How can you make the day extra special without a party? Throw a

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