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Planning an Anniversary Celebration

Your anniversary invitation sets the tone for the event.

Celebration of your parents anniversary provides you with a way to honor their years of commitment with the greatest gift: time with the people they love. While most parents would agree to a party, many anniversary parties are thrown as a surprise to remove any party-planning worries from the guests of honor. Surprise parties are also simpler to plan with fewer chefs in the kitchen.

Avoid planning stress by meeting once with siblings as a group, up front, and decide the event basics: date, time, location, guest list, food, beverages, and budget. Skype or GoToMeeting, email and telephone conferences make this much simpler to accomplish.

Get sneaky. Borrow your parents address book for a day to gather addresses. Or, recruit a friend of their to help assemble the guest list.

Delegate. Divide tasks immediately and let each contributor make all decisions about their task. Group decisions on details will cause delay, stress and wasted effort. Be specific and crystal clear about what each person has agreed to do and send email updates to keep people moving.

On your list you may want to include these tasks:

  1. Venue. Choose and arrange for party location
  2. Invitations. Order and mail 3-6 weeks prior. Include sharing cards for inclusion in a scrapbook with invitations and RSVP information.
  3. Decorations. Collect memorabilia for display, guest book or scrapbook, family photos for cake table, anniversary sign for the door.
  4. Food and dinner ware
  5. Beverages and cups
  6. Entertainment (music? games for children?)
  7. Toast to the couple or Anniversary Speech
  8. Memories slide show
  9. Setup and cleanup

Keep in mind that simple is good! None of this has to be complicated. The goal is simply to be together and make the celebrants feel special. All your efforts will be worth it when you look back on this milestone as a cherished family celebration.


40th Wedding Anniversary Planning

A wedding anniversary celebrates moments from many years of marital “bliss”: homes and travel, family and work, grandchildren and play. For richer for poorer. For better or worse. This milestone in the marriage is worth a special party to bring together many of the people who’s lives have been touched by this marriage.

Then and Now 40th anniversary invitation
So whether you celebrate with a dinner at home for extended family, or decide to hold a big bash at a local reception hall, complete your planning with special touches.

Begin with an invitation to set the mood. Be sure to include on the invitation information about any projects that you wish your guests to contribute to, response information, and your preference for attire. You want to send these out 4-6 weeks prior to the party.

ruby paperweight

Red photo centerpiece
Rubies rule for 40th anniversary celebrations so fill the room with bold an energetic red.

Lynchs King Crown

Ruby tiaraDefinitely include music from the era to dance to, including a favorite song for the first dance.

You may want to set up a memory table with the wedding invitation, wedding photos, photos family events and vacations and of the couple through the years. Perhaps the actual wedding dress or cake topper is available to show.

And be sure to prepare a special toast, and ask others to contribute comments during the evening. Here is a lovely, short toast we found on freeweddingtoasts.net:
“To (Husband) and (Wife) who have taught us the true meanings of devotion, commitment, and love. Thank you for the example you have given to each one of us about how to make a marriage last. We raise our glass to you as you celebrate a lifetime together. May your love carry you for another 50 years!”