Great Cowboy Shower Gift Finds!

Small in the Saddle baby gift
Also available for baby cowgirls!

Whoa! These little doggies are cute! Our steady supply of western and cowboy baby shower customers will want to see these! From the store “Small in the Saddle” these cuties are an adorable gift under $30. Too bad they don’t have them in adult sizes for the Mama too!

Other finds for an easy cowboy baby shower are the Lil Cowpoke dinner dishes for toddler grub. Available in pink and blue, they are sure to be popular at the baby shower and with the baby himself.

Cowboy boots that work for babies allow the little cowpoke to step-out in style… or at least be carried out in style! These soft boots from are cute for baby cowgirls and baby cowboys.
Cowboy dishes
baby cowboy bootsGift set from

Baby’s vision develops slowly. High contrast images are easier for them to see in the first few months, making this horse mobile a hit hanging over the crib or changing table. The moving horse silhouettes carry through your western theme AND make all kinds of interesting shapes that baby can see. Beautiful wall decals are also available in many western designs. Check Etsy to find many varieties. Easily removable, they make for fast and flexible nursery decor.Children's Wall Decal from EtsyNielsen Trading Horse Mobile

Don’t forget to set the scene for the baby shower with cowboy or cowgirl baby shower invitations from Naptime Productions. These adorable invitations have matching baby gift bingo cards and “mom tips” cards to create easy activities at your shower, centerpieces and thank you notes to match.

Blue and Green Kitchen Bridal Shower

bridal shower invitationsAt a recent bridal shower, colors were chosen to match the bride’s wedding colors: blue with bright green accents. The bridal shower decorations were fun to make, appropriate for the kitchen shower theme, and created a fun and festive room for the shower. Since the room at the church where the shower was held was rather plain, the bright colors helped to set a cheerful tone.

White table clothes were topped with playful centerpieces made from kitchen utensils turned into flowers and creatures by the addition of paper petals and leaves. Spatulas and sponges became flowers. A pair of dusters to a veil and a bow tie. The scrub brush got a veil and eyes. All were arranged for height and tied with matching ribbon bows. Seating the centerpieces on blue kitchen towels helped to add color punch to the white tables. The balance of blue to green was about 50/50, which worked for a colorful party atmosphere, where the wedding decor and details were more blue with hints of green. The bride of course wore blue and looked fabulous with the decor! All the centerpiece kitchen tools and funnels were sent home with the bride-to-be.

The favors were earrings set at each place setting in a white box with blue and green filler. The guests enjoyed comparing and trading styles.

Recipe cards were sent out with the kitchen shower invitations and collected at the shower.

A gift bingo card matching the invitation was set at each place setting so the guest could fill it out prior to the gift opening. This provided some laughter during the gift opening, mostly by those who blatantly cheated. Every crowd need a couple rabble rowsers!

The delicious luncheon consisted of croissant sandwiches, a layered dip, a vegetable pizza and chips, a fruit tray and warm artichoke dip. The drink table use all clear glass to offer champagne punch, sweet and plain iced tea, water, lemonade and ice water. Offering the food and buffet style encouraged mingling and conversation by the punch bowl.

Side note: The Kitchen Shower theme was chosen to compliment the shower thrown by the other side of the family. Most guests followed the theme. The gift-guessing bingo was made more difficult by the kitchen theme-breakers! The bride seemed happy with it all!

Ideas for your Butterfly Wedding Theme

Butterfly Invitation
Naptime’s Butterfly Love Invitation with butterflies

There are many reasons that the butterfly is a popular theme for weddings, quince años celebrations and other parties. A butterfly, besides being bright and beautiful, is a new beginning. It is youthful beauty. Joy. The bloom of summer.

Balloons Galore butterfly placecard holder
Placecard holders from

If you are planning your wedding or party with a butterfly theme, look no further! We have gathered together a list of butterfly decorations, picks, napkin rings and place card holders that will inspire you. has lots of butterfly options including these place card holders and the napkin rings below.

Create stunning effects quickly simply by adding artificial butterflies to the cake and centerpieces. Butterfly decorations are available from many websites, allowing you to find JUST what you were hoping for. Artificial butterflies typically are made of paper, painted feathers or nylon or silk material. Small painted feather butterflies are an inexpensive and colorful way to add color.

Butterfly napkin rings

You can get these on clips or wires and add them to almost anything. Butterfly garlands can be added to entrance ways. Loose butterflies can “fly” over the tables. Wired butterflies can flit about above the floral arrangements. Small butterflies can perch on your favor bags, stemware or plates, or even

on the tops of chair backs. We found interesting butterfly picks, garland, and all sizes and colors at, Balloons-Galore, and FloralTrims.

Nylon and silk butterflies, from simple to extravagant, are available in various sizes and colors. Some are painted with glitter or have rhinestones or pearls added. Some have multiple wing layers. You can add these more detailed butterflies to the cake, and suspend from the ceiling using transparent fishing line. ButterflyGrove offers large butterflies meant for hanging from the ceiling.

Butterfly Invitation
Butterfly Invitation from Naptime Productions shown with butterflies from
Butterfly Cake featured on Mis Quince Magazine
butterfly grove
From the
Monarch Butterflies made from various materials from the vendors listed in this article.

Daddy’s Baby Shower

Dachelor Party
Inv “Dadchelor Party!”

Forget couples showers! The latest trend for baby showers is for the guys to have their own party. Can you picture it? Guys unwrapping baby booties and diaper bags. Maybe not. The ladies can have their own shower and ooh and ahhh over the gifts if they wish.
The new Dad version of the baby shower is more like a beer-bash with packs of diapers collected for admission. Some are calling it a Dadchelor party. The new Daddy may as well have one more night of grown-up fun before newborn-nights and exhaustion begin. (We are SURE he’d rather not go to a couples shower.)

How can you get men to want to come to a “shower?” The fastest way to a man’s heart… through his stomach. Barbecue, pizza (add your own toppings?), a taco bar and subs are all popular. Don’t forget the beer and munchies.

For best results, plan your party around a group activity:

  • Barbecue and Hoops
  • The Big Game at home and assemble-your-own subs
  • The Big Game at a sports bar
  • A Golf outing, then steaks on the grill
  • A Bowling Tournament
  • Poker Night with top-your-own pizza
  • Touch Football game and BBQ at the park
  • Lawn games, tacos and margaritas

We informally polled 20 men and found out their favorite baby shower games:

  • Are you kidding?
  • No.
  • Shirley you jest.
  • Basketball

When we asked what their favorite shower favors where, well, we can’t repeat what they said in mixed company. (tee hee) Lucky for us, the only thing we need for a Diaper Party is friends, food and a reason to party!




Operation Baby Shower!

military theme baby shower invitationsFall in for a fun baby shower theme honoring your favorite military mom-to-be. A military theme offers you an easy decoration ideas and adds some fun and encouragement for the new parents.  Check out this new line of military shower invitations from Naptime Productions. They are available personalized for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and even Coast Guard by request!

Fun gift ideas for the anticipated Army Brat…

military baby gift

army brat shirt

Air Force Kid Shirt

I love my soldier bear

camo gift set

army diaper cake

Army Kid Shirt

Pink Camoflage infant set


Camoflage infant onesies are a must! Camo infant sets are available on several sites, including the pink camo set with matching camo booties and the “commander of the playground” shirt shown here. (Click to go to their store.) A personal favorite: the Army Kid shirt, which also comes in other branches. Simple and adorable.

A patriotic diaper cake, like this sweet sample from can use camoflage or a flag theme. The “I love my soldier” bear is a great nursery addition, especially for bedtime when baby’s service dad or mom is deployed.

The cutest of all may be the outfit complete with “boots” for baby. Find this one at

Read more navy or army baby shower ideas in this article including army baby shower decoration ideas.

Save the Date Cards Save the Day

Save the Date AnnouncementAn large birthday or anniversary party has many benefits, the greatest of which is the reunion of family and friends at the celebration. The last thing you want to happen with your anniversary party is to miss important guests because of schedule conflicts. Invitations mailed 4-6 weeks before a party often do not give enough notice for events during the busy spring and summer months. Many people have vacation plans made months in advance and multiple invitations arriving for those precious weekend days.

Ensure that schedules are free for your celebration by sending save-the-date cards out prior to your invitations. When you have confirmed the date of your celebration, send out save-the-date cards to “reserve” your guests.

Save-the-date cards include only the most basic information about the event. You will want to include the date, and general location of the upcoming anniversary party, along with the names of the anniversary couple. All other details of the party can be provided later with the actual invitation. Most save-the-date cards conclude with the phrase, “invitation to follow,” or “details to follow.”

Save-the-date cards are crucial for occasions with guests who will travel to the event, or events which will encompass several days. Include a R.S.V.P. with your save-the-date card to gather an early list of attendees for destination events, such as a group vacation, family reunion, or Caribbean wedding.

Naptime Productions offers many save-the-date cards for anniversary parties, milestone birthday parties and weddings. Choose from popular themes, like western or tropical, or select a design to match the invitations you plan to send later. Either way, you will help to ensure the success of your big event!

The Claddagh Ring: Friendship, Love and Loyalty

Irish wedding invitationThe Irish Claddagh ring was originally designed in the fishing village of Claddagh, Ireland, in the 17th century. Previous to it’s creation, rings showing hands joined were Roman symbols of faith and loyalty. Legend has it that a sailor from Claddagh returned home after a long absence to find his sweetheart waited for him. He designed the Claddagh ring for her. The hands represent friendship, the heart, love and the crown loyalty.

Claddagh rings continue to be symbols of love and loyalty, and also as a sign of pride in Irish heritage. They are often used for friendship, engagement or wedding rings, and as family heirlooms passed down from mother to daughter. Wearing the ring’s heart pointing toward the arm symbolizes being romantically involved.

Christian symbolism attributed to the ring assigns crowning love (heart and crown) and faith (hands) to representing the glory of Jesus Christ.

An Alternative Spring Bridal Shower

Spring Bridal ShowerWhy not capitalize on the spring fever of your guests as a theme for your bridal shower? Host your spring bridal shower at a local garden for a refreshing bridal shower alternative. New beginnings for both our yards and their relationship! Carry the spring theme through with these freshly sprouted options:

  • Serve a garden tea menu with tea and coffee, lemonade, small gourmet sandwiches, salad, fruit and pretty desserts.
  • Since your party will be outside, be sure to include “outdoor garden shower” on your shower invitation with “casual attire”. You may even want to include a rain date.
  • Set up a potting table to allow your guests to build their own container gardens favor. Have several planters pre-made made for these who don’t like to get their hands dirty.
  • Have a garden professional come to the shower to give a brief talk about planning a flower garden. Or, perhaps the speaker could demonstrate how to make the container garden. Set up chairs to that guests can choose to sit and listen if they wish, or mingle if they don’t.
  • Use name tags with different flowers and have each guest pick their flower.
  • Set up a gift display table so that guests do not have to sit and watch the gifts being opened. If you wish, you can indicate “display shower” on the invitation and let your guests know to only wrap their gift with a bow.
  • Set colorful seed packets out for guests to choose from as they leave the shower. Attach a note to each packet thanking them for attending the bridal shower.

Farm Babies Nursery Theme

NoJo Farm Babies
NoJo Farm Babies Crib Bedding

A timeless classic. The barnyard theme offers bright colors, lovable characters and fun shapes. Comfy and cozy is built in, and the theme can grow with the child up through preschool.

If you are considering a farm theme for your baby nursery you will find many options from whimsical to country chic. The unisex colors and universally popular pigs, sheep and cows are a hit with little girls and boys. NoJo has a beautiful crib set called Farm Babies with comforting browns and greens and cute animated character animals.

Animal Acres Crib Bedding
Animal Acres Crib Bedding by KidsLine

Kidsline has their charming Animal Acres crib set complete with wonderful wall art and muted neutral colors. The Funny Farm design from Sumersault is a colorful farmyard crib bedding set with bright primary colors and numbers.

Tie the farm yard nursery theme into your baby shower with similar colors, country food, and funny farmyard decorations.

Funny Farm Crib Bedding
Funny Farm Crib Bedding by Sumersault

Farmyard decor could include gingham table cloths, barbecue ribs and daisies on the tables, planted in small galvanized steel pails. Small plush farm yard animals could graze the tables as your guests refill their punch cups at the watering trough. Don’t forget to wear your aprons, servers!

farm babies shower invitation
Invite your shower guests with appropriate farm-fun invitations to let them know the farmyard nursery theme. This new design from Naptime Productions features cartoon farm animal babies and can be personalized with all registry information and helpful details.

Surprise the mom-to-be with special farmyard nursery decor from Etsy such as a handmade mobile or playful wall art like this adorable cow painting from Etsy. A gift of hand-painted countryside wooden letters spelling baby’s name would be a big hit at the shower.

Animal Drawer Pullsmy moo moo whimsical cow print

Fabulous Confirmation Finds

Wow! From Sweets n Such on Flickr

If your confirmation celebration is approaching, don’t miss these three wonderful additions to your celebration!

The Sweetest Confirmation Cookies

Don’t miss these adorable cookies from when you are preparing for your child’s confirmation party. S-W-E-E-T! Who knew cookie artists could be so creative. They would be a hit for the children after the service, or as favors at your reception party after.

The traditional symbol of the holy spirit is the dove, and flames. “They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit” (Acts 2:3-4) A descending dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit arriving from heaven. Also a symbol of peace, the Dove is a very popular symbol for Confirmation.

Silvia Sweet Delights

Edible Art by Gisha

A Unique Confirmation Gift

The wondrous gifts of the holy spirit prepare your child for a rich and rewarding life.  This special confirmation gift reminding them of these gifts of character would look great in any teen’s room and remind your child of the meaning of their confirmation.

Patron Saint Gifts

A gift to remind your child of their patron saint is an appropriate gift. The Catholic Company has inexpensive pocket tokens and other mementos for many saints. Check out their saint index to find items personalized with your child’s chosen saint.

Confirmation Blessings

Choose a special blessing to give at the confirmation celebration. If you are so inclined, choose a coordinating prayer card to pass out with a prayer from the service and your own blessing choice. Several sources for beautifully written blessings include: Irish Confirmation Blessings, some brief Confirmation Blessings and a wonderful article discussing the gifts of the holy spirit.
Enjoy this special day with your child!

Confirmation Invitation with traditional symbols