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Lansing Dove Releases

White doves have been used in ceremonies throughout the world for centuries, and the release of doves at the conclusion of a wedding signifies the peace and beauty of both the ceremony and the relationship of the newly married couple. The traditional release of doves is a unique and symbolic way to highlight the celebration as their practice of mating for life represents the fidelity and commitment that all newlyweds feel on their special day.

The bride and groom may each hold a dove and release them together symbolizing the beginning of their new life together.  Not comfortable with the idea of handling a dove yourself?  They do have display cages with auto release baskets operated by remote control! Not comfortable with releasing doves into the wild?  They have decorated display cages to place in the church or reception hall.

Silver Dove Wedding InvitationEach provider of the doves has their own requirements and criteria and should be checked while searching for the perfect company. Most will not release during high wind or inclement weather. Most handlers require that the doves are within a safe range to return home before dark. Sunset and evening weddings are not appropriate for a dove release because a window of at least two hours is required for the safety of the birds during their flight home.

Actually, the use of the word dove is a little misleading.  In a wedding dove release there are generally no doves involved at all.  Their inadequate flying skills and lack of homing instinct don’t make them good candidates.  Instead, the white homing pigeon, which is commonly called a dove, is usually a handlers’ choice.

As most churches no longer allow rice or balloons, the site of pure white doves disappearing into the clouds is a wonderful replacement for ‘that something special”.

Dove Releases for southeastern PA, and parts of DE, NJ and MD

A Michigan resource:

Doves in Flight Decorating
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Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

50th Anniversary Invitations
Invited to an Anniversary Party?

The golden anniversary is one of the most celebrated anniversaries, and rightly so.  A half century in love with the same person is a gift in itself.  When choosing that “ something special” to commemorate the occasion you will need to keep in mind that after 50 years of marriage the celebrated couple has probably accumulated most of the usual anniversary gifts. When considering gifts, think twice before purchasing anniversary plates, jewelry, knick knacks, etc. Many celebrants of that age are trying to reduce clutter and possessions in their lives.

Most anniversary invitations today request, “no gifts,” in a polite way. Yet, it’s always a temptation to want to give the couple something lavish, but here are just a few out-of-the-ordinary tokens of recognition you can consider giving as your gift to them:

  1. Purchase tickets or gift certificates for a movie, favorite restaurant, sporting event, concert or theatre and wrap the tickets with a gold ribbon.  A little extravagance they may not always give to themselves.
  2. Put together a cd with songs from the year of the wedding.  Just listening to the cd will bring back constant pleasant memories.
  3. Create a family quilt with each square done by a family member. Something to keep them warm in body and soul.
  4. Assemble a photo album, something small enough to fit on an end table with pictures of their 50 years together.  Include the wedding, their children, grandchildren, life long friends, trips taken together, homes lived in.  You can include stories from family and friends. Just the flip of a page will take them back to a pleasant memory.
  5. A nice momento that not everyone has is an anniversary greeting from the White House!

Happy Holidays from Naptime!

Christmas Silliness“There’s nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child.” Erma Bombeck

Why do children enjoy Christmas so much? From cookies and decorations, to creating our annual Christmas Cards, to buying gifts for Mom and Dad. All the chores of the season are fun for them. Each one holds tradition and memories.

For those adults celebrating Christmas with all the family trimmings, we challenge you to keep your eye on the prize this season… the special time with those we love.

Personally, I am going to try to relax and experience the sparkle and joy Christmas holds for my children. No worries. The kids don’t care if everything turns out perfectly, so they can enjoy the process.

Join me?

The Art of Thank You Notes

Unfortunately, the courtesy of sending a thank you note is becoming a dying art.  With the email/Facebook/cell phone era in full swing, the simple act of sitting down and personalizing a thank you note has fallen by the wayside. Emily Post aside, thanking someone for a gift received or an act of kindness should be an automatic response.

Gifts should be acknowledged with a note unless the gift was opened in front of the giver and a verbal thank you was given.  Many of the older generation expect a handwritten note and providing them with one is a gesture of respect and consideration.

Gerbera Daisy Thank You NoteYour thank you note should be sent as soon as possible, but it is never too late.  A sincere thank you is always appreciated no matter when it is received. And speaking of emails, while they are not as personal as a note written in your own hand, if yours is a casual relationship with correspondence being generally by email, an email thank you is appropriate.  For just about everyone else, an electronic message can be a disappointment for that friend or relative who took the time to personally acknowledge you with a gift.

To manage a long list of thank you notes, try breaking up the task into several days rather than sitting through a thank you card marathon. And remember, if you see writing a thank you note as a chore, so will your child.  Teach them from an early age that thanking Uncle Ted is a way to make him feel as warm as they did when they opened their gift from him.

photo thank you cardsIf you choose to make your own thank you notes, try tracing your child’s handprint on decorated or colored paper and have them write a little ‘thank you’.  Taking a photo of them opening a particular gift and sending that photo to the giver makes for memories for everyone. Personalized photo thank you notes make receiving the note more enjoyable, and with your personal note inside, worth saving. A preprinted thank you note will work but be sure to personalize it with your signature.

Creative Display Ideas for This Year’s Christmas Cards

Every day the postman brings more! Those welcome but sometimes too numerous holiday greeting cards can pose a bit of a dilemma as to where to put them all. Or, you may be a card hoarder from Christmas’ past and need an idea as to what to do with your saved memories. Here are a few suggestions on how to recycle or display your Christmas cards.

Display Christmas cards on a clothesline. Tack or nail up a length of yarn… whatever length works for you. Place a tack at the center of the yarn for stability when weighted down with cards. Just attach the cards to the clothesline at an angle with a small clothes-pin on the top left corner. You can even decorate or color the clothes pins to match! Hang over a mantle, above a window or railing or wherever there’s a spot that needs some holiday cheer.

Wire card holders make it easy to display your cards as a centerpiece or table decoration.

Pressed for space? Try a door tree. Start at the top of the door with one card and continue down until you have a tree shape including the trunk and container. Place a star at the top and decorate as you wish. Or, make a card wreath to hang on your door.

How about using them as tree ornaments? It’s a nice way to make use of the cards without destroying them for future holiday pleasure. Punch a hole in the top left corner of the card and avoid punching a part of a word. Cut 6 inches of ribbon and thread it through the hole. Tie both ends together in a tight knot.

Go green! Cut out the illustrations or pictures from the front and use them as bookmarks or gift tags. Make a collage from these card covers and include the signatures of your friends and loved ones and laminate to create  place mats for your holiday table.

Place a cookie cutter on the card and trace around it. Cut it out, then using a glue stick paste it on to the corner of photo album or scrapbook pages.

Got more ideas? Share them with us here.

Irish Baptism Traditions

Your child’s baptism is a time to celebrate your beliefs and family traditions. If your family is of Irish origin, you may want to include some Celtic or Irish baptism traditions in your ceremony or reception.

Irish Christening Gowns
Irish linen christening gown

Traditionally, Irish infants wear baptismal gowns made of Irish linen. These lovely gowns are made of flax linen from Ireland. The cost is prohibitive for some, but the gowns are lovely and passed down generation to generation.

The baptism ceremony is arranged with your church in advance. During the ceremony, the baby is welcomed to the church and the parents and god parents make promises to raise the baby within the faith. Holy water from the font is used during the ceremony. In many places in Ireland, this water was taken directly from many of Ireland’s holy wells before the baptismal font was added within the church.

After the ceremony, most families hold a reception allowing the family and friends who have come together to enjoy some time socializing. These are often held at home, with family members contributing to the meal. They may also be a formal meal at an alternate location.

To add some Irish or Celtic touches to your ceremony consider some of these Irish gifts, momentos, and reception ideas.

Begin with an Irish baptism invitation like those sold by Naptime Productions. Simple, elegant, with a touch of Ireland.

Plan a meal to include some traditional Irish foods, and using an Irish theme to your table decor and favors. This traditional Irish proverb would be lovely added to your decorations; “A New born babe, brings light to the cottage, warmth to the hearth, and joy to the soul, for wealth is family – family is wealth.”

Irish Counting BookIrish theme gifts for the baby may include a book of Irish legends or toys with an Irish theme. An Irish folk tale could even be read to the children attending the reception.

You may also be interested in the origin of some Irish baby names.

Holiday Card Crunch Time

It’s time to get those holiday cards ordered and mailed! At Naptime Productions, we recommend that you order your custom Christmas cards before December 8 so that you have time to mail them to arrive before Christmas day!

photo christmas card
Custom holiday cards from Naptime Productions


Sometimes it seems a daunting task to take an hour to get your card order together. The reward is the welcome reception of your cards by friends and family alike. Your family photo card will be treasured this year by those you love, and for years to come when you store one with your holiday decorations. Make a keepsake. Order today! 1-800-421-9521

Oooh Ohhh! A Monkey Baby Shower!

Monkey frameTwo little monkeys, sittin’ in the tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.
First comes love. Then comes marriage… Then comes
a monkey baby shower!

Jump on this fun trend by choosing monkey shower invitations, monkey party decorations, nursery decor and gifts. Be sure to include a book about “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!” Don’t miss these seriously wonderful monkey finds…


monkey infant shoes monkey shower invitation monkey baby costume
plush monkey
monkey infant clothing
monkey bib jungle favor bags
monkey diaper cake
monkey cake
banana baby food favor

Pink and Orange – Still Hot!

Pink and orange look great together. But the dominant color really decides the look. More pink than orange and you have a hip little girl’s room, or a sweet wedding color scheme. More orange than pink, and you have a tropical bedroom or a happening prom dress.

bridal shower invitations

Wedding Invitations

You can vary the shades from baby pink to fushia, from melon to burnt orange to tweak your theme. A baby shower in blush and clementine would be sweet and modern. A bridal shower in deep pink and tangerine would be exciting and feminine. The pink and orange bridal shower invitation would feel very different from the pink and orange baby shower invitation, just because of the difference in intensity.

Gerbera Daisy Invitation

The pink and orange wedding has moved from a tropical destination wedding trend to a popular nation-wide trend.

Is orange going to be the new pink? It doesn’t have to be. Pink and orange wedding invitations usually give the bride a place to use more pink or orange, i.e. in the ink, ribbon or paper choice. There are many options in the celebration to tone down or jazz up the pink and orange vibe until the combination excites your bridesmaids, without scaring your grandmother.

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