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Wedding Elegance: White Calla Lilies

It is easy to see why calla lilies are such a popular wedding flower. Long elegant lines… simple… dramatic. Simply perfect alone, and beautiful in an arrangement with roses, lilies or other favorites. Take a look at our favorite calla lily wedding options.

White lilies make a crisp and fresh impression. Our favorite white lily wedding invitations, bouquet, centerpiece and favors include the these gorgeous examples from various web sources.

Calla Lily wedding invitation Calla Lily bridal bouquet Calla lily centerpiece
calla lily favors calla lily wedding cake
calla lily mint tins

  • The calla lily invitation from Naptime Productions makes a bold statement. Choose from several colors offered, including this green version.
  • For an inexpensive calla lily bouquet, take a look at this one from They offer bulk artificial lilies in several colors and pre-tied bouquets.
  • Dress up your tables with centerpieces from Sharon Nagassar Designs which sells the flowers separately or arranged, in many colors. If you plan to arrange your own flowers, consider using silk lilies to allow more flexability getting your arrangements ready.
  • A green calla lily mint tin at each place setting will add color to your tables.
  • This gorgeous calla lily theme cake is among several stunning ones on an entire page of calla lily cakes:
  • Choose a favor your guests can really use, like these beautiful little photo album favors.

The understated beauty and simplicity of focusing on calla lilies for your wedding makes simple sense!

Irish Wedding Favors

claddagh wedding bandIf you are choosing to celebrate your Irish heritage as a theme for  your upcoming wedding, you will want to incorporate some Irish details… from theme wedding favors to Irish wedding invitations.

Irish traditions and symbols added to your wedding add meaning as well as incorporating your theme. Several traditional Celtic symbols may be used as accents, from the celtic cross, trinity, or eternity symbol, to the claddagh design wedding band. A scattering of shamrocks and touches of green tie it all together.

claddagh wedding invitations

The claddagh symbol is composed of two hands holding a heart and a crown. It has been used for wedding bands for over 300 years. The hands represent friendship,  the heart represents love and the crown speaks for loyalty. Friendship, love and loyalty… essential to your lasting marriage. Traditionally, the words “let love and friendship reign” are spoken when presenting a claddagh ring.

Take a look at the selection of Irish details we have found for your wedding. Traditionally, Irish brides and bridesmaids do not wear green, but tradition does not exclude green favors or decorations!

    • Irish theme thank you scrolls at the church or reception.
    • Claddagh design mint tins for your guests.
    • A claddagh favor, like this beautiful letter opener or token.
    • Chocolate favors with an Irish or Claddagh theme.
    • Claddagh wedding program including an explanation of the symbols in the ring.
    • Friendship, Loyalty and Love tokenCladdagh guest book.

Irish claddagh stickers

    • Claddagh stickers to use for envelope seals, on your wedding programs, or on favor bags.
    • A traditional irish blessing spoken at your wedding reception and included on your Irish theme thank you notes.
shamrock floral bush
9″ silk shamrock bush from
  • An Irish (and often English) bride traditionally carries a small horseshoe for good luck within her bridal bouquet or sewn into the hem of her dress. Make sure to put the horseshoe pointing up so the luck does not spill out. In Scotland, interestingly, a horseshoe is given as a gift to the bride by a small child.
  • Do-It-Yourself centerpieces made from silk shamrocks, or real shamrock plants on the tables with some fresh flower accents.
claddagh wedding favors
Chocolate by Design Inc.
claddagh favor tins

Daisy Wedding Theme: Happy Color!

gerbera daisy invitation
Cheerful daisy invitation in many colors from

Who doesn’t love gerbera daisies? Cheerful and colorful, the essence of summer and youth, they practically smile at you.

If you are choosing to use gerbera daisies as your wedding flower or theme, there are a field of options out there for you to pick. We did some looking around and found the most fabulous items to pair with our popular gerbera daisy wedding invitations.

gerber daisy wedding cake
Edible artistry from Diane’s Cakes and More

Amazing edible flowers will add a splash of color and artistry to your cake. Or, top the cake with a stunning arrangement of fresh or silk gerbera daisies. If you wish to create your own floral arrangements, silk daisies allow you to make beautiful bouquets, arrangements and even decorations for your ceremony well in advance.

To dress up your tables with colorful daisies, consider these incredible daisy centerpiece ideas. The wedding favors you set at each place can work with the centerpieces to make a striking first impression at your wedding reception.

How bold do you want to go? Ribbons in the colors of your flowers running across each place setting are an easy way to add color to white table covers. Gerbera daisy wall decals could make a strong splash behind the head table or near the place card table. Daisies in each pew? Certainly daisy thank you notes!

gerber daisy table centerpiece
Great ideas from
gerber daisy wedding favors
Charming gerber seed favors from
gerber daisy guest book pen
Gerbera pen for your guest book table from
gerbera wedding program
Beautiful daisy wedding program
gerber daisy favors
Favors to dress up your table

Is Purple the New Pink?

purple shower invitation
New Design from Naptime Productions

Colorful is still the way to go for weddings and bridal showers! Much more interesting than bridal white, colorful invitations have been gaining in popularity for a decade.

In recent years Pink has been a popular color for weddings and showers combined with orange or brown. Festive with orange and tranquil with brown, pink is always a favorite. And it is still popular, but….

purple wedding bouquet Purple Bouquet Idea

We need a fresh new favorite color every so often, and Purple is taking center stage. Purple makes a fresh impression with green accents. Purple with lime is a party waiting to happen. Purple with orange accents works for a tropical look. Purple with red creates drama. For a royal, formal look, try deep, royal purple with silver or gold accents. Very rich.

purple gerbera invitationbridal shower invitationFor a feminine flair, pale lavender is the way to go, with accents of black or dark green. For calming, try purple with pale blue.

It’s Got To Be A Western Wedding

Western Invitations from Naptime Productions

You’ve given your heart to one man and now you want one kind of wedding.  It’s got to be Western. There’s just something romantic about a cowboy and a country themed wedding. You’ll want your wedding to reflect the romance, plus some good old-fashioned fun. Once the date is set and the location is reserved there are still a hundred little details to be worked out.

The western themed invitation you choose will set the tone for your wedding and will give your guests an advance peek at what they can expect on your special western wedding day.

What to wear?  From the traditional to the real wild west there is a western wedding gown out there just for you.  From coordinating bridesmaid dresses down to your garter, you can tailor your wedding for just the look you’re going for.  Even the flower girl and ring bearer will be right in the swing of things with a range of western themed accessories.

Western Floral Arrangements

The bridal bouquet and any floral centerpieces don’t have to be left out of the fun.  Spider lilies, zinnias and cactus give a room that western look and even colorful paper flowers add that southwestern touch. If going for the natural outdoor look, try wildflowers.  Wild roses are beautiful and have a western feel.  Mix with some cactus for centerpieces. Something as simple as a mason jar wrapped with gingham ribbon and filled with wildflowers will do the trick. Instead of the usual streamers or garland, hang up ropes in varying thicknesses and entwine some of the wildflowers. The flowers you choose are one of the most important parts of your western wedding and if you do a little research you can find just the right blooms to complement the day.

One of the most difficult things that come with planning a reception is figuring out the favors which will be given out to thank your guests for coming.  Some of the most popular types of western wedding favors are cowboy hats, shot glasses and beer steins in the shape of cowboy boots.  If you don’t want to go to the expense of life-size versions there are plenty of selections of miniatures that your guests can take home.

western wedding cake
Western theme cake from Cake Channel

The western wedding cake can be one of your most costly expenses.  Make it a cake to remember.  There are several online websites with great ideas for cakes from the down-home look to the most extravagant.  Cake toppers vary too.  With a little web surfing you can find just the right accent piece for the top of your cake.

Add in some line dancing, good country food and the company of family and friends and you’ll have western sunset memories to last a lifetime.


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Your Wedding Dove Release

Dove Display for Wedding
Lansing Dove Releases

White doves have been used in ceremonies throughout the world for centuries, and the release of doves at the conclusion of a wedding signifies the peace and beauty of both the ceremony and the relationship of the newly married couple. The traditional release of doves is a unique and symbolic way to highlight the celebration as their practice of mating for life represents the fidelity and commitment that all newlyweds feel on their special day.

The bride and groom may each hold a dove and release them together symbolizing the beginning of their new life together.  Not comfortable with the idea of handling a dove yourself?  They do have display cages with auto release baskets operated by remote control! Not comfortable with releasing doves into the wild?  They have decorated display cages to place in the church or reception hall.

Silver Dove Wedding InvitationEach provider of the doves has their own requirements and criteria and should be checked while searching for the perfect company. Most will not release during high wind or inclement weather. Most handlers require that the doves are within a safe range to return home before dark. Sunset and evening weddings are not appropriate for a dove release because a window of at least two hours is required for the safety of the birds during their flight home.

Actually, the use of the word dove is a little misleading.  In a wedding dove release there are generally no doves involved at all.  Their inadequate flying skills and lack of homing instinct don’t make them good candidates.  Instead, the white homing pigeon, which is commonly called a dove, is usually a handlers’ choice.

As most churches no longer allow rice or balloons, the site of pure white doves disappearing into the clouds is a wonderful replacement for ‘that something special”.

Dove Releases for southeastern PA, and parts of DE, NJ and MD

A Michigan resource:

Doves in Flight Decorating
Michigan Dove Releases

Pink and Orange – Still Hot!

Pink and orange look great together. But the dominant color really decides the look. More pink than orange and you have a hip little girl’s room, or a sweet wedding color scheme. More orange than pink, and you have a tropical bedroom or a happening prom dress.

bridal shower invitations

Wedding Invitations

You can vary the shades from baby pink to fushia, from melon to burnt orange to tweak your theme. A baby shower in blush and clementine would be sweet and modern. A bridal shower in deep pink and tangerine would be exciting and feminine. The pink and orange bridal shower invitation would feel very different from the pink and orange baby shower invitation, just because of the difference in intensity.

Gerbera Daisy Invitation

The pink and orange wedding has moved from a tropical destination wedding trend to a popular nation-wide trend.

Is orange going to be the new pink? It doesn’t have to be. Pink and orange wedding invitations usually give the bride a place to use more pink or orange, i.e. in the ink, ribbon or paper choice. There are many options in the celebration to tone down or jazz up the pink and orange vibe until the combination excites your bridesmaids, without scaring your grandmother.

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