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Ideas for your Butterfly Wedding Theme

Butterfly Invitation
Naptime’s Butterfly Love Invitation with butterflies

There are many reasons that the butterfly is a popular theme for weddings, quince años celebrations and other parties. A butterfly, besides being bright and beautiful, is a new beginning. It is youthful beauty. Joy. The bloom of summer.

Balloons Galore butterfly placecard holder
Placecard holders from

If you are planning your wedding or party with a butterfly theme, look no further! We have gathered together a list of butterfly decorations, picks, napkin rings and place card holders that will inspire you. has lots of butterfly options including these place card holders and the napkin rings below.

Create stunning effects quickly simply by adding artificial butterflies to the cake and centerpieces. Butterfly decorations are available from many websites, allowing you to find JUST what you were hoping for. Artificial butterflies typically are made of paper, painted feathers or nylon or silk material. Small painted feather butterflies are an inexpensive and colorful way to add color.

Butterfly napkin rings

You can get these on clips or wires and add them to almost anything. Butterfly garlands can be added to entrance ways. Loose butterflies can “fly” over the tables. Wired butterflies can flit about above the floral arrangements. Small butterflies can perch on your favor bags, stemware or plates, or even

on the tops of chair backs. We found interesting butterfly picks, garland, and all sizes and colors at, Balloons-Galore, and FloralTrims.

Nylon and silk butterflies, from simple to extravagant, are available in various sizes and colors. Some are painted with glitter or have rhinestones or pearls added. Some have multiple wing layers. You can add these more detailed butterflies to the cake, and suspend from the ceiling using transparent fishing line. ButterflyGrove offers large butterflies meant for hanging from the ceiling.

Butterfly Invitation
Butterfly Invitation from Naptime Productions shown with butterflies from
Butterfly Cake featured on Mis Quince Magazine
butterfly grove
From the
Monarch Butterflies made from various materials from the vendors listed in this article.

Save the Date Cards Save the Day

Save the Date AnnouncementAn large birthday or anniversary party has many benefits, the greatest of which is the reunion of family and friends at the celebration. The last thing you want to happen with your anniversary party is to miss important guests because of schedule conflicts. Invitations mailed 4-6 weeks before a party often do not give enough notice for events during the busy spring and summer months. Many people have vacation plans made months in advance and multiple invitations arriving for those precious weekend days.

Ensure that schedules are free for your celebration by sending save-the-date cards out prior to your invitations. When you have confirmed the date of your celebration, send out save-the-date cards to “reserve” your guests.

Save-the-date cards include only the most basic information about the event. You will want to include the date, and general location of the upcoming anniversary party, along with the names of the anniversary couple. All other details of the party can be provided later with the actual invitation. Most save-the-date cards conclude with the phrase, “invitation to follow,” or “details to follow.”

Save-the-date cards are crucial for occasions with guests who will travel to the event, or events which will encompass several days. Include a R.S.V.P. with your save-the-date card to gather an early list of attendees for destination events, such as a group vacation, family reunion, or Caribbean wedding.

Naptime Productions offers many save-the-date cards for anniversary parties, milestone birthday parties and weddings. Choose from popular themes, like western or tropical, or select a design to match the invitations you plan to send later. Either way, you will help to ensure the success of your big event!

The Claddagh Ring: Friendship, Love and Loyalty

Irish wedding invitationThe Irish Claddagh ring was originally designed in the fishing village of Claddagh, Ireland, in the 17th century. Previous to it’s creation, rings showing hands joined were Roman symbols of faith and loyalty. Legend has it that a sailor from Claddagh returned home after a long absence to find his sweetheart waited for him. He designed the Claddagh ring for her. The hands represent friendship, the heart, love and the crown loyalty.

Claddagh rings continue to be symbols of love and loyalty, and also as a sign of pride in Irish heritage. They are often used for friendship, engagement or wedding rings, and as family heirlooms passed down from mother to daughter. Wearing the ring’s heart pointing toward the arm symbolizes being romantically involved.

Christian symbolism attributed to the ring assigns crowning love (heart and crown) and faith (hands) to representing the glory of Jesus Christ.

Traditional Irish Wedding

Lavender in a bridal bouquet brings luck and smells heavenly.

If you are a lovely Irish bride you will want to be sure your bridal bouquet includes lavender for good luck. Perhaps continue the lavender theme by giving lavender sachets as a favor at your reception.

To help keep their feminine power, Irish brides wear braids in their hair.

Traditional Irish wedding cake is an aromatic pound cake with dried fruits and whiskey or brandy. Of course, you don’t want to use all the whiskey or brandy in the cake! 😉

A fun Irish wedding tradition for after the brandy, is putting the groom in a “janting” chair where he is lifted, carried around the reception, and presented to the guests.

Guests at an Irish wedding may want to gift a lucky horseshoe for the couple hang in their home for good luck. Open end up, of course, so the luck does not drain out.

Claddagh Wedding Invitation

The Irish Claddagh symbol is an old design symbolizing friendship, love and loyalty. It was created by an Irish sailor for his sweetheart when he returned home after many years to find she had waited for him. Share the romance by choosing Claddagh wedding bands and a claddagh wedding invitation.

Some traditions can stay in the olden times. You may choose not to let your best man and bridesmaid know that a hen tied to bridal bed ensures fertility. You may prefer the quiet.

Hawaiian Wedding Traditions

hawaiian wedding invitationGetting married in paradise? The colorful Hawaiian islands are a gorgeous wedding destination. If you are headed there, you may want to include some Hawaiian wedding traditions in your ceremony, or add some Polynesian touches.

Traditional Hawaiian brides wear a holoku (muumuu) and lei. Her groom wears a white shirt and trousers with a colorful sash around his waist and a maile leaf lei. According to “Timeless Traditions” by Lisl M. Sprangenberg, the lei is a symbol of love as well as greeting. In original wedding rites, the shaman or priest would bind the hands of the bride and groom with maile leaf leis as a symbol of commitment. Traditionally, the bride and groom hold hands during the entire ceremony. The parents of the bride and groom, attendants and guests may also wear leis, which can be made from all kinds of flowers including the traditional fragrant, pearly Pikake (white jasmine).

maile lei

At traditional weddings, coconut fibers are braided into a rope to symbolize the twining of two lives. The bride and groom can wear a braid as a small bracelet as a reminder, or entwine the braid into their leis before the ceremony.

Getting married under a “Kapa” (bark cloth) is a Polynesian tradition you could incorporate. Like the woven coconut strands, the Kapa symbolized two lives being joined. You may choose to add an affectionate “Honi,” or touching of noses before or after the expected “kiss the bride”.

It wouldn’t be Hawaiian without a hula! Often hula performers will explain the meanings in the dance marriage hula while performing for those uneducated hula-speak.

Money Dance shown in Honolulu Magazine

Other customs from across the sea have become Hawaiian wedding traditions. At your reception, you could include the Filipino “Money Dance” where guests tape or tie money onto the couple as they dance their first dance. Hawaiian brides also adopted the Japanese tradition of Origami-Tsurus. Since the 1960’s Hawaiian brides fold 1001 paper cranes for display at the reception, and later at home for good luck, long life and a happy marriage.

A Black & White Wedding on a Budget

Black and white = drama and class. You can’t miss with this simple, elegant combination! Here are a few ideas for cost-effective wedding reception options with a black and white theme.

black damask wedding invtation
Set the theme with a fashionable black and white invitations. This custom-printed option is only $455 for 200 invitations, response cards AND imprinted envelopes.
black damask response card
For price, quality and service, you won’t find a better deal!

Line up these favors to greet your guests. Charming black and white favor bags are from
tux favor boxes To dress up tables for less than expensive flower arrangements, consider using photo centerpieces to match these damask invitation with photos of the couple through the dating years. Then scatter some simple black dots confetti on white tablecloths. These are from
round table confetti

Double Happiness for your Wedding

If you are looking for a little feng shui for your upcoming festivities, the ancient symbol for double happiness is perfectly suited. Looking around we found several double happiness items, from decorations to favors. Take a stroll through these…

Double Happiness invitation
A double happiness wedding invitation will set the tone for festivity, tradition and love. Naptime Productions offers several chinese wedding invitations, including this double happiness design in red.

This double happiness cake topper will continue the theme with a little finesse.

To add a touch of lucky red to the tables, consider these favors, party pics and decorations.

favor boxes
double happiness

double happiness candle

double happiness tin

double happiness decorations

double happiness favors

double happiness favors

double happiness favor

A double happiness gift for the bride and groom could complement your double happiness theme bridal shower… consider this silk wall hanging, unique double happiness glass plate or yard ornament.
double happiness banner

double happiness dish

double happiness yard sign

Wishing you double happiness for your special occasion!

Fabulous Fall Wedding Ideas

Autumn leaves wedding invitation
Fall colors offer such wonderful possibilities for your wedding color scheme. The warm rich autumn colors make dramatic combinations and impact, beginning with a fall wedding invitation and ending in fall table decorations. You are not limited to oranges and browns. You may also delve into yellows, reds, burgundys, shades of green, and any earthy version of purple, magenta and gold and copper. An unexpected fall combination could be teal, tan and bronze.

red fall wedding invitation
Impact on your wedding tables is easy with gorgeous leaves scattered about. We found paper leaves of a couple varieties. The beautiful parchment leaves used to display cheese are detailed and come in various tints. A less expensive options are paper leaves sold for decorating bulletin boards. Fabric leaves are available at silk flower suppliers and craft stores. Many colors of glass leaves are available and would be fun color for your tables that the guests could take home. Textured colorful ribbons or material in fall colors, could make gorgeous table runners.

glass leaves
These personalized honey jars make memorable and useable favors. The metallic touches on autumn place card holders could add some richness to your warm color scheme.

fall candle place card holder

leaf place card holders

fall bookmark wedding favors

fall color gift box favors

honey jar fall wedding favors

Creating Your Wedding Program

Wedding programs are a little detail that adds something special to your wedding day. While a program is not a requirement, they are becoming increasingly popular and there are certain ceremonies where they might be more necessary than others. If you are having a religious or traditional wedding, there may be guests who are of another faith or culture. If it’s a large wedding, your guests are unlikely to know everyone in the bridal party. Guests may want to be prepared for a long wait if it’s going to be a long ceremony or you may have a lot of people you need to thank. For whatever reason, a wedding program is a thoughtful gesture and souvenir for your guests.

Programs don’t necessarily have to fit the book format or match your wedding invitation exactly. They can be a simple card, rolled sheet, or even a fancy vellum sheet attached to a backer card with a wedding color coordinated ribbon. There are no rights or wrongs as far as content, but there is some basic information that is generally included.

At the top of the program or on the cover are typically the date and/or the names of the couple. You can also include the location and time of the ceremony, a photo of the couple or some sort of design. List what will happen during the ceremony and try to be specific, greeting, readings, exchange of vows, etc., and be sure to list the events in the order they will occur.

List the members of the bridal party. Who they are and what part they are playing in the ceremony. For example:
The officiant (minister, priest, rabbi)
parents of the bride
parents of the groom
living grandparents
maid of honor
best man

If space allows you can make mention of deceased family members, short descriptions as to why each bridesmaid and groomsman is special to you, why you chose that particular church or location of the reception.

Your wedding program is another way to personalize your wedding and your guests will appreciate the personal touch.


Orange Calla Lily Wedding Ideas

orange calla lily bouquet
Sharon Nagassar Designs

Calla lilies come in several warm shades, perfect for a fall wedding or a rich color to use in summer or winter. You can choose from a palette of colors including shades of peach, orange, coral, burnt orange and rust. Pale watercolors of yellow to peach, or deep hues from orange to rust.

Finding items to coordinate with your orange calla lily theme is a bit more challenging. Many generic favors and decorations can be dressed up with mini orange calla lilies or simply pick up the color scheme to tie together your reception. Orange and peach are available in tulle favor kits, which are both easy to assemble. This link offers a (white) calla lily tie on and various colors of tulle. Or, accent your tables with your calla lily color using a richly colored favor box. Adorn it with a color coordinating ribbon.

Arena flowers bouquet orange calla lily bouttiniere Colorado Celebrations bouquet
Calla Lily Invitation Couture Bridal Designs

Bouquets and centerpieces are dramatically simple with calla lilies alone. Orange calla lilies also work beautifully with other flowers like roses. For dramatic contrast, consider pale green hydrangea or yellow lilies. For a rich fall look, combine with deep reds.