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Planning Your Vow Renewal Ceremony

A vow renewal is a ceremony where a couple publicly re-commit to their relationship. In a world where divorce is widespread, a couple who manage to stay together through it all deserve a celebration of their love. You don’t have

Everything for Your Anniversary Party

What items do you need for your 50th anniversary party? Enough to make it look and feel special. Enough to create a “look” without breaking the bank. Somewhere between dollar store and Martha Stewart. Invitations Cost effective anniversary party supplies

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Hosting a Wine Tasting

  If you simply enjoy wine, or are a bona fide wine expert, hosting a wine tasting is a great opportunity to have some fun with friends while trying some new vintages. Planning is simple! Invite a few good friends,

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Vow Renewal Ceremony Ideas

While on vacation, we visited a Polynesian cultural center and learned about traditional Fiji weddings. The customs were complex, but the vows were very simple…the bride and groom promise to never leave one another. That’s it. Wedding vows, from a

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Customize Your 50th Anniversary Invitations

If you and your spouse have reached the milestone of fifty years together, you deserve a special celebration. You may have help from family and friends to arrange the festivities, but everything you do should be directed at making the

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Save the Date Cards Save the Day

An large birthday or anniversary party has many benefits, the greatest of which is the reunion of family and friends at the celebration. The last thing you want to happen with your anniversary party is to miss important guests because

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Planning an Anniversary Celebration

Celebration of your parents anniversary provides you with a way to honor their years of commitment with the greatest gift: time with the people they love. While most parents would agree to a party, many anniversary parties are thrown as

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Top 5 wedding anniversary gift ideas

If you have recently received a wedding anniversary party invitation, you may be struggling to find the appropriate gift for the couple that’s close to your heart. Consider some of these choices to commemorate a first anniversary or a 50th.

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Golden Anniversary Party Decorations

The celebration of a golden wedding anniversary is a very special day and it deserves some special attention to detail to mark the occasion. Whether it’s a table set with candies wrapped in gold foil or table runners made of

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40th Wedding Anniversary Planning

A wedding anniversary celebrates moments from many years of marital “bliss”: homes and travel, family and work, grandchildren and play. For richer for poorer. For better or worse. This milestone in the marriage is worth a special party to bring

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