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Great Cowboy Shower Gift Finds!

Small in the Saddle baby gift
Also available for baby cowgirls!

Whoa! These little doggies are cute! Our steady supply of western and cowboy baby shower customers will want to see these! From the store “Small in the Saddle” these cuties are an adorable gift under $30. Too bad they don’t have them in adult sizes for the Mama too!

Other finds for an easy cowboy baby shower are the Lil Cowpoke dinner dishes for toddler grub. Available in pink and blue, they are sure to be popular at the baby shower and with the baby himself.

Cowboy boots that work for babies allow the little cowpoke to step-out in style… or at least be carried out in style! These soft boots from are cute for baby cowgirls and baby cowboys.
Cowboy dishes
baby cowboy bootsGift set from

Baby’s vision develops slowly. High contrast images are easier for them to see in the first few months, making this horse mobile a hit hanging over the crib or changing table. The moving horse silhouettes carry through your western theme AND make all kinds of interesting shapes that baby can see. Beautiful wall decals are also available in many western designs. Check Etsy to find many varieties. Easily removable, they make for fast and flexible nursery decor.Children's Wall Decal from EtsyNielsen Trading Horse Mobile

Don’t forget to set the scene for the baby shower with cowboy or cowgirl baby shower invitations from Naptime Productions. These adorable invitations have matching baby gift bingo cards and “mom tips” cards to create easy activities at your shower, centerpieces and thank you notes to match.

Blue and Green Kitchen Bridal Shower

bridal shower invitationsAt a recent bridal shower, colors were chosen to match the bride’s wedding colors: blue with bright green accents. The bridal shower decorations were fun to make, appropriate for the kitchen shower theme, and created a fun and festive room for the shower. Since the room at the church where the shower was held was rather plain, the bright colors helped to set a cheerful tone.

White table clothes were topped with playful centerpieces made from kitchen utensils turned into flowers and creatures by the addition of paper petals and leaves. Spatulas and sponges became flowers. A pair of dusters to a veil and a bow tie. The scrub brush got a veil and eyes. All were arranged for height and tied with matching ribbon bows. Seating the centerpieces on blue kitchen towels helped to add color punch to the white tables. The balance of blue to green was about 50/50, which worked for a colorful party atmosphere, where the wedding decor and details were more blue with hints of green. The bride of course wore blue and looked fabulous with the decor! All the centerpiece kitchen tools and funnels were sent home with the bride-to-be.

The favors were earrings set at each place setting in a white box with blue and green filler. The guests enjoyed comparing and trading styles.

Recipe cards were sent out with the kitchen shower invitations and collected at the shower.

A gift bingo card matching the invitation was set at each place setting so the guest could fill it out prior to the gift opening. This provided some laughter during the gift opening, mostly by those who blatantly cheated. Every crowd need a couple rabble rowsers!

The delicious luncheon consisted of croissant sandwiches, a layered dip, a vegetable pizza and chips, a fruit tray and warm artichoke dip. The drink table use all clear glass to offer champagne punch, sweet and plain iced tea, water, lemonade and ice water. Offering the food and buffet style encouraged mingling and conversation by the punch bowl.

Side note: The Kitchen Shower theme was chosen to compliment the shower thrown by the other side of the family. Most guests followed the theme. The gift-guessing bingo was made more difficult by the kitchen theme-breakers! The bride seemed happy with it all!

An Alternative Spring Bridal Shower

Spring Bridal ShowerWhy not capitalize on the spring fever of your guests as a theme for your bridal shower? Host your spring bridal shower at a local garden for a refreshing bridal shower alternative. New beginnings for both our yards and their relationship! Carry the spring theme through with these freshly sprouted options:

  • Serve a garden tea menu with tea and coffee, lemonade, small gourmet sandwiches, salad, fruit and pretty desserts.
  • Since your party will be outside, be sure to include “outdoor garden shower” on your shower invitation with “casual attire”. You may even want to include a rain date.
  • Set up a potting table to allow your guests to build their own container gardens favor. Have several planters pre-made made for these who don’t like to get their hands dirty.
  • Have a garden professional come to the shower to give a brief talk about planning a flower garden. Or, perhaps the speaker could demonstrate how to make the container garden. Set up chairs to that guests can choose to sit and listen if they wish, or mingle if they don’t.
  • Use name tags with different flowers and have each guest pick their flower.
  • Set up a gift display table so that guests do not have to sit and watch the gifts being opened. If you wish, you can indicate “display shower” on the invitation and let your guests know to only wrap their gift with a bow.
  • Set colorful seed packets out for guests to choose from as they leave the shower. Attach a note to each packet thanking them for attending the bridal shower.

Wild Prints Party Theme

Wild Thing Party Invitation
Playful animal prints are popular among young women

Get wild with your upcoming party or shower decorations using bright colors and animal prints! High contrast zebra, leopard and giraffe prints with pink make a great diva look for events from birthday parties to bachelorette parties. The invitation is quinceanera party invitationsperfect for 15th and 16th birthday invitations. Animal prints in natural colors creates a fun jungle look for any wild thing fling! Begin with invitations to pick up the theme. These are from Naptime Productions and lean toward the “girlfriends” look with a combination of pink and green.

During the party, provide “props” such as scarves, hats or boas to add to the playful mood. These colorful gangster hats in bright colors and animal prints are only a dollar each! Bandanas are readily available in many animal prints at craft stores, as are boas and animal print papers in the scrapbook section which can be cut for favor tags, used as placemats and made into frames and borders.

Pink zebra bow
Animal Print Party Favors

Need party favors? Perhaps hair bows for the girls, like these custom-made pin wheel bow versions. You can also find animal print favor bags and boxes at party supply stores and fill them with goodies for easy animal prints party favors.Your local party store should also carry an assortment of animal print theme napkins and plates, like these sweet pink zebra stripe napkins available online.


If you party is a grown-up affair at a local club, make a party of getting ready together before your big night out. For added fun, don’t miss these incredible eye shadow kits from!

Exotic eye makeup kit from

Elephant Theme Baby Nursery

Elephant march invitationElephants are a fun upcoming trend in children’s art and decor. Either chosen specifically, or as part of a safari animals theme, elephant art makes a big impact. Whether your style is “Horton Hears a Who”, “Dumbo”, or something stylish and modern, you add a ton of fun to the room! Also an interesting theme for a baby shower, you can begin with these new elephant shower invitations from Naptime Productions.

Your color options are endless. Popular yellow and gray combinations work well, or you can pair your elephant art with any color from baby blue or pink to bright red. Polka dots are often incorporated in the baby items below.

We found a few adorable elephant items you could tie into your theme. Click to take a look at these stylin’ nursery patterns and elephant gifts from wall art, onesies, and totes, to elephant bedding sets and painted knobs.

A Star Is Born! Baby Shower

Theme Baby Shower Invitations
A star and moon theme baby shower is popular for good reason. The decorations are easy and fun, it is unisex, charming, matching items are available from many places, and it ties in beautifully with many nursery rhymes, or “a star is born.”
Here are some finds for you: star and moon nursery decor, gifts, baby shower cakes and favors. abound! Gaze upon these gold-starred items!

For your Star and Moon Shower

Moon and Star Shower Invitation

Nursery Rhyme Shower Invitations






Star and Moon Baby Gifts







A Star and Moon Nursery

There is lots of selection in star and moon theme baby bedding. Shown here is the Celestial Baby Bedding Collection. The Nojo and Laura Ashley moon and star bedding are also wonderful.

The best star and moon theme nursery accessory ever is one made by a friend… just for you. This mobile was made of wood and beads and wire to go with a custom star and moon nursery theme. Inspirational! Nice job Jewel!

Welcome Baby With A Book Shower

Books are a large part of a child’s life, even as a newborn. For a book theme baby shower, each guest brings a favorite book. At the end of the party, the expectant mother will have a plethora of books — bedtime books, board books, classic stories, pop-up books, cushion books and more. On the inside cover of the book, the guest can write her favorite childhood memory reading this book or another heartfelt message to the mother and child.

Here are some of our choices for classic books and favorite authors that should be in every child’s personal library

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? by Bill Martin, Jr.
Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
Curious George by Hans Augusto Rey
Clifford, the Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwel
The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter
The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piperb

A more recent addition to our list is author Mo Willems. With his Elephant & Piggie, Pigeon, and Knuffle Bunny stories, he is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

My favorite books for ages 1-4 were from BabyBug. My children loved to hear the well-written verses, and see the illustrations of babies doing various things. Simple board books of baby photos were another big hit.

In addition to books, guests can bring along a keepsake to go along with their chosen book. As for the decor, the room can be decorated in a fairy tale princess theme, or nursery rhyme theme to go along with some of the books. Or the theme can find a specific favorite, like Goodnight Moon. Add a party game where guests have to guess the nursery rhyme or book title by hearing a line from that book. In all, a book baby shower idea is a great way to start off the child’s library.
book shower

Frozen Dinner Baby Showers

Riceland Cheesie Chicken Casserole
I like the idea of a frozen dinner baby shower. During the hospital stay and immediately following when the baby first comes home, there will be little time for cooking meals, and relying on fast food for even three or four days is not healthy, in some cases not all that tasty, and certainly not cheap! So having a shower where the each guest brings a frozen meal takes a lot of pressure off of the family already busy adjusting to the new little one in the home, and provides the family with convenient, wholesome meals. But you can take this idea a whole lot further

Instead of freezing meals, each guest can pick a day to go over to the home and prepare a meal. Not only will the family have a fresh, hot meal, but they will also enjoy the company of a family friend, which for Mom, who may not get out much in the next week or two, would be a much needed adult visitor.

Certainly gift cards to favorite eating venues would also be convenient for mom, dad, and the children, but try for something other then the regular burger and fries fare. Maybe Chinese takeout is a family favorite, or Italian is more their taste. A little change of pace is just the thing for a family under the direction of the new little boss for the first couple of weeks before everything settles into a normal routine.

welcome new baby!For a different take, instead of frozen or home cooked meals, what if each guests picks a day to volunteer their time to do laundry, tidy up the house, run errands, babysit, shop for groceries or serve as chauffeur for the day? Turn it into a baby shower game along the lines of pin the tail on the donkey. Hang up a calendar and have blindfolded guests stick a pin on a date. On that day they come over and perform a task like cooking a meal, cleaning a room, or even babysitting the new little one as well as siblings, giving Mom and Dad a little break to get out of the house for an hour or two just by themselves, something they will not be able to do much in the coming months.

Wild! Safari Baby Shower

Jungle Safari shower invitationIt’s a jungle in here! Get wild with your baby shower using jungle animals for your own personal safari. Safari and jungle baby shower invitations usually include a variety of animals, from lions to zebras to monkeys, allowing you lots of freedom with colors and patterns. You can choose bold colors with zebra or tiger stripes, or go pastel with baby elephants and giraffes! Both dark and pastel colors offer a wide selection of themed tableware and invitations.

Decorating for a jungle theme baby shower is as easy as a trip to a local nursery or home store for some tropical plants and a few plush birds and monkeys to climb them. Tropical plants also double as favors! Add animal prints and mosquito netting to complete the look.

Jungle decor jungle cakeKing of the jungle plates

Decorate the food table with a jungle theme baby shower cake (or a trendy jungle theme diaper cake), green plants or palms, lots of color, and of course, bananas. You may want to serve trail mix, banana chips, jungle animal shape cookies, and tropical fruits like mango. Palm tree party picks will add to the effect, as will those funny little monkeys you hang on the rim of each glass.

Safari or jungle theme gifts are practically swinging from the trees! A short shopping trip through the web found so many wonderful baby gifts, clothing and novelties, the guests at your jungle theme baby shower are sure to go wild over these!
jungle glitter socksJungle onesieover in the jungle book

Take a look at these fun jungle and safari nursery decorations!

safari baby room theme
zebra wall artgiraffe wall artnursery wall artsafari theme name wall artEtsy wall decal

Fairy Princess Baby Shower Takes Flight

Princess Baby Shower Invitation
It’s cute! But, how do I turn a pink fairy princess nursery theme into a baby shower attended by grown-ups? We took a look around the web and found charming ideas for fairy cakes, butterfly decorations, even a tulip fairy costume for an attending toddler. Did you know that cupcakes were called fairy cakes until the American name “cupcake” took over? So get out your magic wand and  celebrate all things pink, girlish and happy!

The table could be decorated in a couple different ways. You could choose soft pinks, add flowers and a fairy figurine or two, and create a charming tea party atmosphere.

Or, you could choose the woodland fairy theme with lots of green, a toadstool cake, and flower favors for the ladies in attendance. Perhaps your fairy theme could lean toward the cartoon look, with whimsical fairy art like the wall decals we found (below). Here are some shower ideas and supplies you may like:

fairy baby shower

Looking around, we found several princess-worthy party favors grown-ups may actually enjoy. Take a look at these finds including butterfly bookmarks and “wish upon a star” bottle stoppers. If you are leaning toward the woodland fairy look, these bobby pins with a flower attached could be fun to offer each guest as they join the party.

A nursery decorated in fairy princess theme is a celebration of girlish fun. Take a look at these wonderful nursery accents. Our favorites are the ones that will grow with the little princess as her room changes from nursery to a “big girl” room.

Gifts for the fairy princess nursery lend a touch of whimsey, and will be a crowd-pleaser at the shower. While flitting about the web, we found these adorable possibilities: a poseable fairy doll to add to the shelf… a hat fit for a fairy baby… and a special tooth fairy box.