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Ideas for your Butterfly Wedding Theme

Butterfly Invitation
Naptime’s Butterfly Love Invitation with butterflies

There are many reasons that the butterfly is a popular theme for weddings, quince años celebrations and other parties. A butterfly, besides being bright and beautiful, is a new beginning. It is youthful beauty. Joy. The bloom of summer.

Balloons Galore butterfly placecard holder
Placecard holders from

If you are planning your wedding or party with a butterfly theme, look no further! We have gathered together a list of butterfly decorations, picks, napkin rings and place card holders that will inspire you. has lots of butterfly options including these place card holders and the napkin rings below.

Create stunning effects quickly simply by adding artificial butterflies to the cake and centerpieces. Butterfly decorations are available from many websites, allowing you to find JUST what you were hoping for. Artificial butterflies typically are made of paper, painted feathers or nylon or silk material. Small painted feather butterflies are an inexpensive and colorful way to add color.

Butterfly napkin rings

You can get these on clips or wires and add them to almost anything. Butterfly garlands can be added to entrance ways. Loose butterflies can “fly” over the tables. Wired butterflies can flit about above the floral arrangements. Small butterflies can perch on your favor bags, stemware or plates, or even

on the tops of chair backs. We found interesting butterfly picks, garland, and all sizes and colors at, Balloons-Galore, and FloralTrims.

Nylon and silk butterflies, from simple to extravagant, are available in various sizes and colors. Some are painted with glitter or have rhinestones or pearls added. Some have multiple wing layers. You can add these more detailed butterflies to the cake, and suspend from the ceiling using transparent fishing line. ButterflyGrove offers large butterflies meant for hanging from the ceiling.

Butterfly Invitation
Butterfly Invitation from Naptime Productions shown with butterflies from
Butterfly Cake featured on Mis Quince Magazine
butterfly grove
From the
Monarch Butterflies made from various materials from the vendors listed in this article.

Planning your Quince Años

quince anos invitations
The Quinceañera, or Quince Años in Latin American culture, is a coming of age ceremony held on a girl’s fifteenth birthday celebrating her ‘becoming a lady’. The celebration generally begins with a religious ceremony in which the Quinceañera affirms her faith followed by an elaborate reception resembling a wedding. From the procession of the Court of Honor to the first waltz with her father, the day is filled with memories of ceremonies past.

quinceanera gownThe excitement builds over a several month planning period where items ranging from ball gowns to cakes to quince años invitations and music are selected. Every aspect of the special day is covered by years of tradition and even the smallest detail has a significant meaning. Some unique parties have featured horse drawn carriages and large bouquets of cascading flowers, but not every reception need be that extravagant or costly. Just a few small and inexpensive items can be used to decorate whatever room is chosen, giving the special girl the feeling of being a princess.

quinceanera cake

last dollThe Last Doll
is used as part of the ceremony as a decoration and keepsake. In some customs the doll represents her childhood now that the celebrant will begin focusing on her future. Another custom involves a rose. As each young man approaches the young lady to request a dance, he presents her with a rose.

quince años invitation
While traditional gifts such as a tiara and scepter (signifying that the young lady is a princess before God), a cross, medal or bible are generally given by parents, godparents or sponsors, remember that this is still basically a big birthday party for a teenager, so anything that you think the young lady would like to receive would be an appropriate gift.

Quince Años Stickers for Candy Favors

quince anos stickers

Ten ideas for using these Quince Años theme stickers for your party… from favors to table decorations and the gift log:

  1. Add them to the back of your invitation envelopes. They will separate nicely from all the bills and junk mail!
  2. Add them to your favors with a coordinating ribbon.
  3. Put stickers on solid color paper cups for punch.
  4. Add a sticker to the top of menu, itinerary or program.
  5. Add a sticker to your record of gifts that you will save.
  6. Make silverware packets rolled into paper napkins. Use a sticker to seal.
  7. Put one on each vase of flowers.
  8. Scatter on table covers along with color-coordinating confetti.
  9. Add stickers to crêpe paper garland decorations.
  10. Use them on the back of your thank you notes.