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Three Great Traditions for New Years Eve

New years eve is quickly becoming one of our favorite family traditions. A pattern is forming, and all ages look forward to it! First: we do not treat New Year’s Eve as an expensive, adults-only event. Not only does this

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Blue and Green Kitchen Bridal Shower

At a recent bridal shower, colors were chosen to match the bride’s wedding colors: blue with bright green accents. The bridal shower decorations were fun to make, appropriate for the kitchen shower theme, and created a fun and festive room

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Daddy’s Baby Shower

Forget couples showers! The latest trend for baby showers is for the guys to have their own party. Can you picture it? Guys unwrapping baby booties and diaper bags. Maybe not. The ladies can have their own shower and ooh

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Save the Date Cards Save the Day

An large birthday or anniversary party has many benefits, the greatest of which is the reunion of family and friends at the celebration. The last thing you want to happen with your anniversary party is to miss important guests because

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Five Cutest First Communion Cookies

If you are planning a first communion celebration for your child or church, you will definitely want to see the inventive and delicious designs we found. A short trip on the internet provided these great ideas. Some can can be

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Tarnation Cowboys! It’s Time for a Party.

Western and cowboy themes are easy to work with for any occasion, from birthday to bachelorette party, to reunion. Just use some bandanas for favors and decor, and add some attitude.

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Last-Minute Valentine Party for School

A quick and easy Valentine Party for your child’s classroom that you can put together in an hour. Love it!

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Wild Prints Party Theme

Get wild with your upcoming party or shower decorations using bright colors and animal prints!

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Ringing in the New Year

New Year’s Eve is coming, and you want to do it up right! You don’t want to spend too much or travel to far, but you also don’t want to have the same old stand-around-the-kitchen-counter-staring-at-the-dish-of-peanuts party at your house where

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Classroom Halloween Party Ideas

Here is this year’s recipe for an easy Halloween party for elementary school. Be sure to make use of the other parents who volunteered to contribute snacks or prizes for the party, and get them a list of exactly what you need a couple of weeks before the party.

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