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Crazy fun baby shower theme: Surfing Monkeys

surfboard-monkey-CPLeave it to our customers to come up with fun baby shower themes! Combine beach allure, surfer casual and energetic monkeys and you get a gnarly surfing monkeys theme. It’s mod, fun, unusual! (And we love a challenge!)

The hostesses plan is to add centerpieces around the umbrella poles over her tables. We recommended printing a theme wrapper to go around the pole, and add flowers. (Even dollar store flowers are fun if you pack them in tight enough.) She planned to use raffia and beach accessories to further decorate the tables. Here is what we came up with to support the theme.

plush monkeys from Oriental Trading
Add miniature diapers to these plush monkeys from Oriental Trading company and add them to beach and surf decor to tie in the monkey aspect.

Working with a color pallette of sand, orange and sky blue, we can set the base colors for table ware, table covers, signs and banner. Other beach brights added here and there for variety, such as beach towels over the buffet table and beach balls suspended from the ceiling. Accessorize with beach buckets and shovels, fondant surfboard decorations on the cake, scattered sea shells, and little umbrellas in the drinks. Add some small plush monkeys to the decor to incorporate the baby monkey. Tiny diapers added to them would add to the baby monkey aspect and get lots of “awwww!”s. Surfs up! Catch it, Dude!

Favors could be little beach pails filled with goodies, surfboard cookies, surf theme insulated cups, floral leis, or even beach towels.

Make a banner look like a giant surfboard, or use bright color papers to make pennants to “Welcome Baby” and hang it over the dessert table. We added some cute cake ideas to our beach baby shower pinterest page. Browse it for even more ideas.

We found these fun accessories at Party City and Oriental Trading Company. Check them out online by clicking the image. Get beach accessories in the spring or early summer at your local discount stores for best selection.

oriental trading company beach ballsOriental Trading CompayParty City Caribbean blue party ware

Cinco de Mayo – Mexican Independence Day

Cinco de Mayo InvitationYou don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and you don’t have to be Mexican to throw a Cinco de Mayo party! Invite your guests for May 5th with colorful fiesta invitations and request that they dress like their inner vaquero (Mexican cowboy) or dancer.

Traditional multi-colored paper flowers are easy to make. Put them everywhere! Polish off the hanging decorations with a burro piñata from your grocery or party store, and some strands of lights. Use plenty of green, white and red for Mexican flag colors, or all the bright colors you see in a beautiful mexican serape.

Cinco de Mayo InvitationYou’ll think you’re in the heart of Mexico on Independence Day if you play an assortment of Mexican guitar music, mariachi music and some salsa. Your library should have a good selection. They may also have some instructional DVDs to teach you a few salsa dance steps you can teach to your guests during your fielta. You may be surprised who’s the best dancer!

Completes the south of the border setting with Mexican goodies: tortilla chips, queso and homemade salsa on the tables for snacking, with warm quesadillas, tacos and fajitas on the food bar. Cold Dos Equis,  a big pitcher of Margaritas or  refreshing mojitos on ice fit the bill, as do delicious Mexican wedding cookies and coffee flavored with cinnamon, vanilla or cocoa for dessert.

Enjoy these important times with close friends and family, and you will have the best of old Mexico!

DIY Beach Theme Party Decoration Accessories!

Flip Flop Baby Shower
Fun Flip Flop Baby Shower Invitation and Decorations

printable PDF shower accessoriesBeginning with the popular flip flop baby shower theme, Naptime Productions is pleased to announce a FREE PDF file with invitation orders allowing us customers to print out matching items for their shower. The letter size pages can be printed on your color printer and include the following items for our customers to cut out and add color to their party tables.
1. Small Flags for drinking straws or to tie to favors or cake pops.
2. Cupcake wrappers to cut out and slide over the paper cup that the cake bakes in.
3. Napkin rings – colorful bands to match your theme colors that look great on your tables!
4. Scalloped circles in three designs/colors. Cut these out to add to each place setting, arrange on a cake or cupcake plate, or add color under and around your centerpieces.

This free PDF is available only with a matching invitation purchase. Also available is an inexpensive PDF file for the print-at-home pennants you can cut and attach to a string to make a splash of color on your party wall. Looks great above the dessert or gift table. Or both!

beach baby shower favor stickersFor centerpieces, consider the colorful theme-wraps which can be bought separately to go around your flowers or balloons, or our new table decoration kits which include the wraps plus stickers, card holders and cards to spell out B-A-B-Y on each table. Just fill the theme wraps with shredded paper, balloons, tissue paper or small plants.

For quick and colorful party favors, add matching stickers to clear bags of candy.

Naptime Productions also offers shower activities to match your theme including baby gift bingo cards, advice cards to have guests fill out for the mom-to-be, and matching thank you notes. Just add plain color plates, napkins and table covers from your dollar store.


Ringing in the New Year

New Year’s Eve is coming, and you want to do it up right! You don’t want to spend too much or travel to far, but you also don’t want to have the same old stand-around-the-kitchen-counter-staring-at-the-dish-of-peanuts party at your house where the crowd clears out at 12:01 a.m.! So what do you do? Here are a couple of fresh, funky ideas.

8-track party – my friend had an 8-track party for New Year’s Eve and although it was many moons ago, I still remember it vividly. He had an 8-track tape p
Retro Party Invitation
with a variety of tapes from that era (yes the 8-track time period is now old enough to be an era, unfortunately for all of us baby boomers), and everyone came dressed in bell-bottom jeans, headbands and wildly colored shirts. You don’t really have to have an 8-track player to have a 8-track party, since it is more about the music and the clothes than the technology, but if you really want one you can find 8-track tape players and tapes on eBay. Guests will rock out to the Moody Blues, The Who, and Pink Floyd among other musical artists recording during the zenith of the 8-track era in the late sixties and early seventies. Key to any party is the invitation, which sets the stage for a winning party formula, and with Naptime Productions Totally Retro party invitation, your New Year’s Eve party is well on the way to reaching legendary status, one they will talk about for years.

Maybe, though, you want something a little more elegant, a little more sparkly, a little more
silver centerpiece
, let’s say, 2011 instead of 1971! Then by all means throw a dress-to-the-nines, top hat and tails, ballroom style New Year’s Eve bash, just on a smaller scale! Naptime centerpieces set the stage, as well as the tables, and can be customized for any occasion. If space is limited in your home (don’t forget that basements are easily decorated for parties and make spilled drinks and dropped trays of hors d’oeuvres much easier to clean up than your living room carpet), your local church social hall or area organization meeting rooms may be rented at a low price, or even free in some cases if it isn’t already booked for an event. Cocktails and appetizers, formal dress and danceable music, champagne toasts and balloon drops at the midnight hour, all started with an invitation from the Naptime Productions New Year’s Eve party invitations line, will definitely have your New Year’s Eve party rivaling anything seen on the television!

And please, have fun on New Year’s Eve, but don’t forget to drink responsibly! A DUI or something much worse is definitely not the way to start the New Year.

Planning a Surprise Party

surprise party invitationsAny party can be a surprise, from birthday or anniversary, to a new baby… from a small reception or dinner to a big bash with a band.

If you want to throw a party for someone who likes surprises, but won’t miss the prep and planning for a big party, a surprise is the way to go! They are fun to plan, and create absolutely no work for the guest of honor (until party clean-up!) Surprise parties also work well for someone who would say no to any party for himself… if they knew about it in advance.

So how do you make your surprise a success? Communication and planning.

1. Be sure that everyone invited is very clear that this is a surprise party. They need to understand when to arrive, and when the “surprise” will happen, so they don’t ruin it. Be sure to give a cushion of time between when the guests arrive and when the honoree arrives. Choosing a party date before or after the actual event, such as two weeks before the birthday, makes it easier to conceal the surprise.

2. Use a routine event or a poker-faced friend to get the honoree to the planned location. For example, if you hold it where he goes every Friday, you won’t need to drag him there blindfolded. Or, have a close friend “invent” an event to attend with him, like another friend’s party. If this “cover event” is set-up in advance, he can’t drop out or plan something else. Plan to have the honoree wearing something he will feel comfortable wearing at the party. If he shows up in workout clothes, and everyone else is in semi-formal wear, he is going to feel out of place.

photo centerpiece3. If you want to play up the drama, start with a bang!

  • Use huge party poppers to shoot confetti 15 feet.
  • Fill the room with helium balloons with colorful strings hanging down
  • Use music and lights for dramatic effects
  • Decorate with bold colors. Disco ball? Strobes!
  • Perhaps when he pulls open the door to the party, a wall of balloons falls onto him.
  • Have him greeted at the surprise party with a crowd of people holding up masks or his face. Or all wearing his favorite team colors.
  • Before he arrives, hand out “Jake’s Fan Club” badges for everyone to wear.
  • Create a memory wall or have framed pictures from throughout the years scattered around the room. Photo centerpieces are great conversation starters.

4. Incorporate his favorites! Favorite dinner, dessert, colors, music, friends and family.

5. Go with the flow, and have fun. If the surprise is given away before he arrives, he can still have fun at the party. The important part is that your guest-of-honor sees all his favorite people gathered to celebrate with him, and knows you cared enough to create this wonderful event!

If you also need gift ideas for a special birthday, check out this article on 70th birthday gift ideas for inspiration.

Golden Anniversary Party Decorations

gold centerpiece

memory cards

golden anniversary frame

The celebration of a golden wedding anniversary is a very special day and it deserves some special attention to detail to mark the occasion. Whether it’s a table set with candies wrapped in gold foil or table runners made of gold swirl printed cellophane, the little touches can make the day. Color coordinated table settings, confetti, place cards and centerpieces can bring the look together.

Try something out of the ordinary that will create a memorable keepsake such as a guest book frame. Place a treasured photo in the center of a frame and have your guests write their sentiments of congratulations surrounding the photo making this a treasured gift. Or, a custom guest book with scrapbook pages so that guests can write messages as they sign in, maybe adding a few special photos on the pages that will remind everyone of the years of love shared by the special couple.

A memory jar is filled with little remembrances, jotted down by your guests, and collected in a decorative container, like this ceramic gift box with a golden bow. Simply provide paper strips about 2″ x 11″ that they can fold and add. Sharing cards work in a similar way, and can be mailed with the invitation, or placed at each place setting to encourage contributions. A collection box or basket can be centrally located. Insert gold wrapped bon-bons or candies into each place card for a table favor.


40th Wedding Anniversary Planning

A wedding anniversary celebrates moments from many years of marital “bliss”: homes and travel, family and work, grandchildren and play. For richer for poorer. For better or worse. This milestone in the marriage is worth a special party to bring together many of the people who’s lives have been touched by this marriage.

Then and Now 40th anniversary invitation
So whether you celebrate with a dinner at home for extended family, or decide to hold a big bash at a local reception hall, complete your planning with special touches.

Begin with an invitation to set the mood. Be sure to include on the invitation information about any projects that you wish your guests to contribute to, response information, and your preference for attire. You want to send these out 4-6 weeks prior to the party.

ruby paperweight

Red photo centerpiece
Rubies rule for 40th anniversary celebrations so fill the room with bold an energetic red.

Lynchs King Crown

Ruby tiaraDefinitely include music from the era to dance to, including a favorite song for the first dance.

You may want to set up a memory table with the wedding invitation, wedding photos, photos family events and vacations and of the couple through the years. Perhaps the actual wedding dress or cake topper is available to show.

And be sure to prepare a special toast, and ask others to contribute comments during the evening. Here is a lovely, short toast we found on
“To (Husband) and (Wife) who have taught us the true meanings of devotion, commitment, and love. Thank you for the example you have given to each one of us about how to make a marriage last. We raise our glass to you as you celebrate a lifetime together. May your love carry you for another 50 years!”

Fairy Princess Baby Shower Takes Flight

Princess Baby Shower Invitation
It’s cute! But, how do I turn a pink fairy princess nursery theme into a baby shower attended by grown-ups? We took a look around the web and found charming ideas for fairy cakes, butterfly decorations, even a tulip fairy costume for an attending toddler. Did you know that cupcakes were called fairy cakes until the American name “cupcake” took over? So get out your magic wand and  celebrate all things pink, girlish and happy!

The table could be decorated in a couple different ways. You could choose soft pinks, add flowers and a fairy figurine or two, and create a charming tea party atmosphere.

Or, you could choose the woodland fairy theme with lots of green, a toadstool cake, and flower favors for the ladies in attendance. Perhaps your fairy theme could lean toward the cartoon look, with whimsical fairy art like the wall decals we found (below). Here are some shower ideas and supplies you may like:

fairy baby shower

Looking around, we found several princess-worthy party favors grown-ups may actually enjoy. Take a look at these finds including butterfly bookmarks and “wish upon a star” bottle stoppers. If you are leaning toward the woodland fairy look, these bobby pins with a flower attached could be fun to offer each guest as they join the party.

A nursery decorated in fairy princess theme is a celebration of girlish fun. Take a look at these wonderful nursery accents. Our favorites are the ones that will grow with the little princess as her room changes from nursery to a “big girl” room.

Gifts for the fairy princess nursery lend a touch of whimsey, and will be a crowd-pleaser at the shower. While flitting about the web, we found these adorable possibilities: a poseable fairy doll to add to the shelf… a hat fit for a fairy baby… and a special tooth fairy box.

Ahoy Mateys! It’s a Pirate Birthday

Pirate birthday party invitation
Ahoy Mateys! Climb aboard for some fun and games, little pirate style! If you little one loves playing pirate, a pirate theme birthday party is a must! Fun for all the little deck-swabbers… and there is a lot of ocean to travel!

Begin with a pirate birthday party invitation to set the mood. Be sure to include plenty of little sailors on your guest list since you’ll need a boatload. We normally plan for one guest per year of age, however, since many friends may have other obligations on a Saturday afternoon, you will want to invite a few extra.

For decorations and favors combined, you may want to consider a small treasure chest for each guest. Not only can they decorate them when they are at the table, but you can fill them with gems and jewels and chocolate coins. Here are some treasure chest supplies and fillers we found online:

wooden treasure chest

pirate jewels

Red and black are the obvious color choices. Decorations for the party room could include pirate balloons, a pirate flag, red and black stripes, snacks and a big treasure chest. Choose your food and beverage names with care! Little pirates may prefer “shark blood” to “fruit punch” as was mentioned in this pirate party description.

An “ancient” pirate map (folded, creased and perhaps “aged” with some yellow food coloring and singed edges) could lead the little pirates on a treasure hunt for prizes. This party game can be as challenging as you wish to make it, with clue leading to clue.

toy pirate swordIf a full-grown pirate could attend the party (dad? grandpa?) they could give sword fighting lessons to the little pirates, but only if they are dressed in their bandanas and eye patches and have applied their ship’s secret pirate tatoo. These inflatable swords are good training gear. Do winners or losers have to walk the plank? (It depends upon what you get to jump into! The dark sea of pillows could be fun.)

pirate cupcakes

Cakes or cupcakes can be based on a treasure chest, pirate symbols (skull & crossbones, treasure, dagger) or even a pirate ship.

You can print free pirate coloring pages to use as a getting assembled activity.

All aboard for some pirate fun!

Double Happiness for your Wedding

If you are looking for a little feng shui for your upcoming festivities, the ancient symbol for double happiness is perfectly suited. Looking around we found several double happiness items, from decorations to favors. Take a stroll through these…

Double Happiness invitation
A double happiness wedding invitation will set the tone for festivity, tradition and love. Naptime Productions offers several chinese wedding invitations, including this double happiness design in red.

This double happiness cake topper will continue the theme with a little finesse.

To add a touch of lucky red to the tables, consider these favors, party pics and decorations.

favor boxes
double happiness

double happiness candle

double happiness tin

double happiness decorations

double happiness favors

double happiness favors

double happiness favor

A double happiness gift for the bride and groom could complement your double happiness theme bridal shower… consider this silk wall hanging, unique double happiness glass plate or yard ornament.
double happiness banner

double happiness dish

double happiness yard sign

Wishing you double happiness for your special occasion!