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Wait! Toddlers and Restaurants

You have more than a half-hour to wait for your food and your dinner companions are not feeling patient with your whining or fussing toddler. Your toddler has NO intention of sitting patiently while the adults talk, especially while he

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Picture Perfect Family Outing

Want a fun day with the kids that cost next to nothing? Try a photo excursion.  If your children are 5 and up, they are ready for a family adventure taking photos. First off, each family member needs a camera

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Five Quick Additions to your Anniversary Party

You are short on time and the days are spinning by. The party date and location are set. How the heck are you going to get the rest of the party details done in time? For the special touches, you just need

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Anniversary Ideas for Your Parents, Without the Big Party

You’d love to throw a party for your parents celebrating their 50th or 60th anniversary, but travel or health issues make it impossible to hold a reception. How can you make the day extra special without a party? Throw a

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The perfect gift for First Communion

A child’s First Holy Communion is one of the most significant events of their religious life. Such an important occasion warrants a gift to celebrate, but receiving a first communion invitation does not translate to a difficult gift shopping task.

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Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The golden anniversary is one of the most celebrated anniversaries, and rightly so.  A half century in love with the same person is a gift in itself.  When choosing that “ something special” to commemorate the occasion you will need

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The Art of Thank You Notes

Gifts should be acknowledged with a note unless the gift was opened in front of the giver and a verbal thank you was given.

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Creative Display Ideas for This Year’s Christmas Cards

Every day the postman brings more! Those welcome but sometimes too numerous holiday greeting cards can pose a bit of a dilemma as to where to put them all. Or, you may be a card hoarder from Christmas’ past and need

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