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Accessorize Your Rock and Roll Party

Jubilee Shop Bake Rattle and Roll Cupcake KitThrowing a rock and roll theme birthday party or baby shower? This fun theme gives lots of play to musical props and edibles. You’ll want to include some of these goodies on your rock star dessert table or in with your party favors. Drum up some smiles with musical note lollipops, rock star cupcakes, guitar shaped chocolates and drum set cookies. Get some inspiration from all the wonderful ideas we found to add to our rock and roll theme party!

SweetNSmiles Note Pops

Cupcakes are workable for the amateur baker with a helpful kit like this one with wrappers and picks. More adventurous bakers can try creating fondant music notes, guitars, drums and miniature vinyl albums to decorate their cupcakes. Limit yourself to the color scheme you have chosen for your party for all your dessert table items and table items to coordinate with your decorations. Black and white with a bright color or two seems to work easily into a rock and roll look.

Party Supplies Delivered plastic microphonesNote Cutouts from Wallys Party FactoryCentury Novelty Guitar Mint Tins

Include chocolate music pops with your party favors, tied with coordinating ribbon colors. These can be found in the shapes of music notes and guitars from online favor or candy shops. For children’s favor bags, add a pack of Pop Rocks, a rock candy stick and a kazoo. Decorate colorful favor bags with black music notes for an easy tie-in.  Favors for grown-ups may include chocolate pops, dark sunglasses, and a toy microphone. The latter will likely be found in the hands of enthusiastic divas during the party.

rock and roll baby invitationmusic straw flagsFor your tables, top your table decorations with cutout black music notes and guitars. These can be used on the tables like confetti, or attached to tooth picks or longer sticks to add them to arrangements. Add some 1950’s rock-n-roll cafe fun by providing drinking straws that have been decorated with coordinated flags as well.

Save the Date Cards Save the Day

Save the Date AnnouncementAn large birthday or anniversary party has many benefits, the greatest of which is the reunion of family and friends at the celebration. The last thing you want to happen with your anniversary party is to miss important guests because of schedule conflicts. Invitations mailed 4-6 weeks before a party often do not give enough notice for events during the busy spring and summer months. Many people have vacation plans made months in advance and multiple invitations arriving for those precious weekend days.

Ensure that schedules are free for your celebration by sending save-the-date cards out prior to your invitations. When you have confirmed the date of your celebration, send out save-the-date cards to “reserve” your guests.

Save-the-date cards include only the most basic information about the event. You will want to include the date, and general location of the upcoming anniversary party, along with the names of the anniversary couple. All other details of the party can be provided later with the actual invitation. Most save-the-date cards conclude with the phrase, “invitation to follow,” or “details to follow.”

Save-the-date cards are crucial for occasions with guests who will travel to the event, or events which will encompass several days. Include a R.S.V.P. with your save-the-date card to gather an early list of attendees for destination events, such as a group vacation, family reunion, or Caribbean wedding.

Naptime Productions offers many save-the-date cards for anniversary parties, milestone birthday parties and weddings. Choose from popular themes, like western or tropical, or select a design to match the invitations you plan to send later. Either way, you will help to ensure the success of your big event!

Tarnation Cowboys! It’s Time for a Party.

red bandana
Red Bandanas made in USA from

If you love all things western, take a look at our new Bandana design invitations! Western and cowboy themes are easy to work with for any occasion from birthday to bachelorette party, to reunion. Just tie on some bandanas for favors and decor, and add some attitude. 🙂 Wearing those beautiful cowboy boots is a must.

If you are expecting a new little cowboy or cowgirl soon, be sure to see all our options for a western theme baby shower. Easy to round up, we offer everything from the invitations and envelope seals to a sign for the door. Purchase matching bandanas for the guests so they can join the fun, and serve an easy barbecue meal. Sure as shootin’, your guests will go home happy!

Red Bandana Invitation
Cowboy Barbecue for a Birthday?

Need western centerpieces? Take a gander at our cowboy baby shower centerpieces and our pink cowgirl versions. For a red bandanna theme, consider using potted geraniums, or other red flowers, with a rolled bandana tied around the rims of the terra cotta pots. They add a bonanza of color and are a popular favor to take home.

If you will be making a scrapbook page of your western theme party, you need to see this beautiful bandana design that this talented scrapbooker, Mrs. Messy, was kind enough to share.

cowboy baby shower invitation
Welcome ‘lil Cowpoke!

Wild Prints Party Theme

Wild Thing Party Invitation
Playful animal prints are popular among young women

Get wild with your upcoming party or shower decorations using bright colors and animal prints! High contrast zebra, leopard and giraffe prints with pink make a great diva look for events from birthday parties to bachelorette parties. The invitation is quinceanera party invitationsperfect for 15th and 16th birthday invitations. Animal prints in natural colors creates a fun jungle look for any wild thing fling! Begin with invitations to pick up the theme. These are from Naptime Productions and lean toward the “girlfriends” look with a combination of pink and green.

During the party, provide “props” such as scarves, hats or boas to add to the playful mood. These colorful gangster hats in bright colors and animal prints are only a dollar each! Bandanas are readily available in many animal prints at craft stores, as are boas and animal print papers in the scrapbook section which can be cut for favor tags, used as placemats and made into frames and borders.

Pink zebra bow
Animal Print Party Favors

Need party favors? Perhaps hair bows for the girls, like these custom-made pin wheel bow versions. You can also find animal print favor bags and boxes at party supply stores and fill them with goodies for easy animal prints party favors.Your local party store should also carry an assortment of animal print theme napkins and plates, like these sweet pink zebra stripe napkins available online.


If you party is a grown-up affair at a local club, make a party of getting ready together before your big night out. For added fun, don’t miss these incredible eye shadow kits from!

Exotic eye makeup kit from

Planning a Surprise Party

surprise party invitationsAny party can be a surprise, from birthday or anniversary, to a new baby… from a small reception or dinner to a big bash with a band.

If you want to throw a party for someone who likes surprises, but won’t miss the prep and planning for a big party, a surprise is the way to go! They are fun to plan, and create absolutely no work for the guest of honor (until party clean-up!) Surprise parties also work well for someone who would say no to any party for himself… if they knew about it in advance.

So how do you make your surprise a success? Communication and planning.

1. Be sure that everyone invited is very clear that this is a surprise party. They need to understand when to arrive, and when the “surprise” will happen, so they don’t ruin it. Be sure to give a cushion of time between when the guests arrive and when the honoree arrives. Choosing a party date before or after the actual event, such as two weeks before the birthday, makes it easier to conceal the surprise.

2. Use a routine event or a poker-faced friend to get the honoree to the planned location. For example, if you hold it where he goes every Friday, you won’t need to drag him there blindfolded. Or, have a close friend “invent” an event to attend with him, like another friend’s party. If this “cover event” is set-up in advance, he can’t drop out or plan something else. Plan to have the honoree wearing something he will feel comfortable wearing at the party. If he shows up in workout clothes, and everyone else is in semi-formal wear, he is going to feel out of place.

photo centerpiece3. If you want to play up the drama, start with a bang!

  • Use huge party poppers to shoot confetti 15 feet.
  • Fill the room with helium balloons with colorful strings hanging down
  • Use music and lights for dramatic effects
  • Decorate with bold colors. Disco ball? Strobes!
  • Perhaps when he pulls open the door to the party, a wall of balloons falls onto him.
  • Have him greeted at the surprise party with a crowd of people holding up masks or his face. Or all wearing his favorite team colors.
  • Before he arrives, hand out “Jake’s Fan Club” badges for everyone to wear.
  • Create a memory wall or have framed pictures from throughout the years scattered around the room. Photo centerpieces are great conversation starters.

4. Incorporate his favorites! Favorite dinner, dessert, colors, music, friends and family.

5. Go with the flow, and have fun. If the surprise is given away before he arrives, he can still have fun at the party. The important part is that your guest-of-honor sees all his favorite people gathered to celebrate with him, and knows you cared enough to create this wonderful event!

If you also need gift ideas for a special birthday, check out this article on 70th birthday gift ideas for inspiration.

Sock Monkeys – Timeless Fun

The sock monkey as we know it first came into being around the turn of the century when folks would take old scraps of cloth and, yes, old socks, and turn them into a lovable toy monkey – thrifty and innovative! I remember the classic Red-Heel brand sock monkey in the late seventies, when they seemed to be a Christmas tradition. But you don’t have to be 100 years old, or even a baby boomer, to see what is so special about these happy little critters. And with a sock monkey themed baby shower or birthday party, you can share your love of the foot-covering primate – the sock monkey – and set your guests a-swinging!

You can make your own sock monkey from classic Red-Heel brand socks, the how to sew a sock monkey instructions have been included on every pack since 1955. Finished sock monkeys range from colorful to classic, boy to girl, big to teeny tiny. You can throw a sock monkey baby shower, or a sock monkey birthday party. All you need are two or three of the following: a sock monkey baby shower invitation or a sock monkey birthday invitation, sock monkey cake, sock monkey fabric (for table cloths, or runners), sock monkey favors, and sock monkey stickers. You can decorate a Sock Monkey Nursery. Sock monkeys appear on art for the walls or wall stickers, crib bedding, books and clothing for your little monkey. You can even let the world know when your baby arrives with a sock monkey birth announcement.

Sock Monkey Baby Shower Invitation

Western Styles for Kids

One of my favorite trends is western for kids. While toy guns make the mom in me cringe, these finds make her coo:

western theme birthday invitations

western theme shower invitations

party invitation card

Cowboy stuff was very popular when my dad was growing up. Today, it’s not just for the boys. You can find cowgirl gear for your little palomino princess if you just look online. Cowgirl birth announcements, cowboy birthday invitations, even cowbaby baby shower invitations, itty bitty boots and hats are all out there waiting to be rounded up.

The best part? When a kid’s room is decorated buckaroo style, a little dirt blends right in.

Some Lil’ Buckaroo Blogs
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Hosting A Spa Party

Spa Theme Baby Shower Invites
If you are thinking of a hosting a spa shower, you can choose to entertain at a spa or salon, or at home. Your spa party at a local salon may include separate appointments for a mani and pedi for each guest, and/or other services, and refreshments and a gift table in a central location. Pampering for the bride-to-be or mommy-to-be AND your guests… it’s girl heaven! Your guests can call the salon to schedule their appointments, per the specifications you work out ahead with the spa.

To hold a spa shower at home, you can provide some basic spa services at “stations” in your home, and guests can wander between the stations and your gathering area stocked with gourmet treats and beverages. A friend could do manicures. Another skin care and makeup. A third hot-stone treatments. Perhaps hire a masseuse to give 10 minute chair massages! The possibilties are… extremely relaxing!

Spa theme parties are very popular for girls and tweens birthday parties. Check out the Spa Princess Cookbook by Barbara Beery for spa-style fun for a girls birthday party. It includes recipes and ideas including flip flop cakes, and Spa princess fondue. At our last spa party, we had teens volunteer to do nails and pedicures. You could also include hair wraps or hair dos (rock-diva sytle) and perhaps a craft like friendship bracelets. Many salons offer birthday diva parties, where the guests get an up-do and a manicure. I don’t know about your daughters, but mine would love one of these!

King and Queen of Hearts Host a Casino Party

Poker Party Theme Invitation

Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Want to celebrate an anniversary or birthday with a casino party? These adorable invitations will be a big hit with friends and family alike when you invite them to come try their luck at your party! We add your faces to the king and queen of hearts on the couple card, or the jack of clubs or queen of hearts on the single person card. Deal! These fun-filled party invitations are available for any year anniversary or birthday. We print them custom just for you.

Ahoy Mateys! It’s a Pirate Birthday

Pirate birthday party invitation
Ahoy Mateys! Climb aboard for some fun and games, little pirate style! If you little one loves playing pirate, a pirate theme birthday party is a must! Fun for all the little deck-swabbers… and there is a lot of ocean to travel!

Begin with a pirate birthday party invitation to set the mood. Be sure to include plenty of little sailors on your guest list since you’ll need a boatload. We normally plan for one guest per year of age, however, since many friends may have other obligations on a Saturday afternoon, you will want to invite a few extra.

For decorations and favors combined, you may want to consider a small treasure chest for each guest. Not only can they decorate them when they are at the table, but you can fill them with gems and jewels and chocolate coins. Here are some treasure chest supplies and fillers we found online:

wooden treasure chest

pirate jewels

Red and black are the obvious color choices. Decorations for the party room could include pirate balloons, a pirate flag, red and black stripes, snacks and a big treasure chest. Choose your food and beverage names with care! Little pirates may prefer “shark blood” to “fruit punch” as was mentioned in this pirate party description.

An “ancient” pirate map (folded, creased and perhaps “aged” with some yellow food coloring and singed edges) could lead the little pirates on a treasure hunt for prizes. This party game can be as challenging as you wish to make it, with clue leading to clue.

toy pirate swordIf a full-grown pirate could attend the party (dad? grandpa?) they could give sword fighting lessons to the little pirates, but only if they are dressed in their bandanas and eye patches and have applied their ship’s secret pirate tatoo. These inflatable swords are good training gear. Do winners or losers have to walk the plank? (It depends upon what you get to jump into! The dark sea of pillows could be fun.)

pirate cupcakes

Cakes or cupcakes can be based on a treasure chest, pirate symbols (skull & crossbones, treasure, dagger) or even a pirate ship.

You can print free pirate coloring pages to use as a getting assembled activity.

All aboard for some pirate fun!