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New Orthodox Cross Invitations

Orthodox cross

Naptime Productions has recently introduced several new designs for baptism which include a patriarchal cross design used in Byzantine, Greek and Eastern Orthodox churches. With lovely results, their customers can now choose between “plain” cross versions and the more detailed patriarchal

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Planning a Meaningful Baptism Reception

A baptism is a significant day for the family, signifying the introduction of the baby into the church and community. In the Catholic and Protestant faiths, newborns are anointed with holy water and blessed by the church clergy. In the

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New Irish Invitations

Welcoming some new Irish theme designs for spring… Irish baptism invitations have always been a popular item, and now we have more variety. These cheerful designs with a bit-o’-the-Irish are available for any occasion including Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion and

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Greek Baptism Traditions

The baptism of a baby in the Greek Orthodox Church is a ceremony second only to marriage in its symbolism, and the christening of a child is a major event in the life of their family. Every region in Greece

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Noah’s Ark – Double Baptism Party

If you have twins and are having a baptism celebration, you can double the fun with our Noah’s Ark theme invitations and decorations! This adorable bible story theme also works for first cousins sharing a reception. Start the fun with

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Irish Baptism Traditions

Your child’s baptism is a time to celebrate your beliefs and family traditions. If your family is of Irish origin, you may want to include some Celtic or Irish baptism traditions in your ceremony or reception. Traditionally, Irish infants wear

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