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New Orthodox Cross Invitations

Patriarchal Cross Invitations
In Pink, Blue or Sage

Naptime Productions has recently introduced several new designs for baptism which include a patriarchal cross design used in Byzantine, Greek and Eastern Orthodox churches. With lovely results, their customers can now choose between “plain” cross versions and the more detailed patriarchal version.

The history is vague as to the symbolism of this double cross. It has been suggested that the two upper cross bars may have been meant to symbolize the secular and ecclesiastic power of Byzantine emperors, or symbolize the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The lower, slanted foot-rest is said to be slanted to represent the two criminals crucified with Jesus… one repenting and ascending to heaven, the other ridiculing Jesus and descending instead.

orthodox cross invitationThe letters shown with the cross, IC XC, are an abbreviation for “Jesus Christ” in Greek. The longer version, IC XC, NI-KA is an abbreviation for “Jesus Christ conquers” in Greek.  Be sure to take a look at these new designs when planning your baptism.

Also offered are gold versions to use when celebrating golden wedding anniversaries. They make a beautiful way to invite guests to celebrate the long-lasting marriage.

Naptime Productions offers fast turnaround, real people to talk to and actually read over your invitation. You will love their customer service!

50th wedding anniversary invitationGold anniversary invitaiton with orthodox cross



Planning a Meaningful Baptism Reception

Baptism Invitations
A baptism is a significant day for the family, signifying the introduction of the baby into the church and community. In the Catholic and Protestant faiths, newborns are anointed with holy water and blessed by the church clergy. In the catholic religion, the baptism serves to wash away original sin. In some protestant faiths, the baby is dedicated to the church rather than baptized. Sometimes, a baby is baptized in the name of a patron saint. Since baptisms almost always involve large family gatherings, it’s important to commemorate the occasion by planning a baby baptism party that will be a joyous and memorable event.

Christening Invitations
Before beginning your baptism party planning, it’s important to keep in mind that baptism is a formal religious ceremony. With this knowledge, you should attempt to achieve a balance between solemnity and celebration.

When sending out baptism invitations, remember that if the party is scheduled to take place following the baptism, proximity to the church is key. The number of guests will affect your location choice. You can hold your baptism reception in your home, a neighborhood park, the church hall, a restaurant or an event hall. This charming personalized baptism plate can be used in lieu of a guest book for your baptism reception guests to sign.

If other children will be invited, be sure to consider high chairs and entertainment options for them. You can set up a children’s show like Veggie Tales for them to watch, a coloring or craft table with a baptism craft or plan some games to hold their attention — at least for a little while!

Now… what about food? Depending on the time of the baptism and the weather, you can arrange a buffet lunch, afternoon tea, low-maintenance spread or backyard barbecue. Many large crowd recipes are available online. Consider having drinks on hand to toast the baby’s health and a cake with white frosting that includes the baby’s initials, name and christening date.

rosary party favor

You should also consider having party favors for the guests as part of your baptism party planning. Some appropriate themes you could choose include crosses, the color white, doves, angels, candles and Bibles.

Dove Cookie Favors – beautiful organic cookies are perfect for your baptism party.


New Irish Invitations

Irish Baptism Invitations
Welcoming some new Irish theme designs for spring… Irish baptism invitations have always been a popular item, and now we have more variety. These cheerful designs with a bit-o’-the-Irish are available for any occasion including Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion and wedding invitations.

The Shamrock design is on our beautiful Nouveau card with two layers and satin corners. The back paper is a gorgeous pearlized finish, with a pearlized envelope to match. Our new “Ireland” design is
Irish First Communion Invitationa calming field of green, with a pleasantly distressed design. The celtic cross and shamrocks make it perfect for your religious milestone celebrations like confirmation and first communion. Be sure to see our article on Irish Baptism Traditions on our SundaePaper blog.

Greek Baptism Traditions

Greek baptism towel set
The baptism of a baby in the Greek Orthodox Church is a ceremony second only to marriage in its symbolism, and the christening of a child is a major event in the life of their family. Every region in Greece has its own traditions that set it apart from the rest of the country, but there are similarities in tradition that carry through all of Greece. Among those are the items that must be brought to the church by the godparents.

  • baptismal pillar candles
    1 small white towel to be used by the priest and godparents to wipe their hands after the baptism
  • 1 large white towel to wrap the baby in
  • 1 large white sheet to be used with the towel to wrap the baby in
  • 1 set of baptismal undergarments to dress the baby immediately after the immersion
  • 1 small bottle of olive oil for the priest to pour into the baptismal water
  • 1 bar of soap for the priest and godparents to wash their hands
  • 3 white candles to be lit after the baptism when they walk around the baptismal font
  • a baptismal outfit

  • Martyrika Christening PinMartyrika-Christening Witness Pins
    that will be pinned on the guests attending the ceremony
  • A gold cross on a chain for the baby to wear
  • A baptismal box to put all of the above items in to carry them to the church

Greek Baptism Invitations

Baptism Invitation for Girls
Personalized Greek Baptism invitations allow you to express to the formality of the occasion, clarify reception details and announce the Godparent names. For more ideas, check these links:


Noah’s Ark – Double Baptism Party

twins baptism invitation
If you have twins and are having a baptism celebration, you can double the fun with our Noah’s Ark theme invitations and decorations! This adorable bible story theme also works for first cousins sharing a reception.

  1. Start the fun with our popular Noah’s Ark baptism invitaiton. Choose blue, pink or unisex pale sage or lilac to coordinate with the babies being baptized.
  2. Choose table decorations to continue the color scheme. Try a simple vase of fresh flowers on each table, tied with a wide ribbon in your color.
    plush animals

    animals confetti
    Next to or hanging from each vase arrange two matching small plush animals. Zebras on one table, tigers on another. These can double as favors for the children present. Run a strip of the same ribbon down the center of each table and sprinkle some animal confetti around.
    noah's ark cake
  3. If you will have small party favors at each place-setting, tie with the same ribbon color and add a tag with “thank you for coming” to each one. Animal shaped tags would be especially cute. You may be able to find pre-cut ones at a teacher supply store.
  4. Try one of these for your dessert table: a Noah’s Ark cake design, animal cutout cookies, or cupcakes each decorated with a different animals (in pairs of course!)

Enjoy the party!

Irish Baptism Traditions

Your child’s baptism is a time to celebrate your beliefs and family traditions. If your family is of Irish origin, you may want to include some Celtic or Irish baptism traditions in your ceremony or reception.

Irish Christening Gowns
Irish linen christening gown

Traditionally, Irish infants wear baptismal gowns made of Irish linen. These lovely gowns are made of flax linen from Ireland. The cost is prohibitive for some, but the gowns are lovely and passed down generation to generation.

The baptism ceremony is arranged with your church in advance. During the ceremony, the baby is welcomed to the church and the parents and god parents make promises to raise the baby within the faith. Holy water from the font is used during the ceremony. In many places in Ireland, this water was taken directly from many of Ireland’s holy wells before the baptismal font was added within the church.

After the ceremony, most families hold a reception allowing the family and friends who have come together to enjoy some time socializing. These are often held at home, with family members contributing to the meal. They may also be a formal meal at an alternate location.

To add some Irish or Celtic touches to your ceremony consider some of these Irish gifts, momentos, and reception ideas.

Begin with an Irish baptism invitation like those sold by Naptime Productions. Simple, elegant, with a touch of Ireland.

Plan a meal to include some traditional Irish foods, and using an Irish theme to your table decor and favors. This traditional Irish proverb would be lovely added to your decorations; “A New born babe, brings light to the cottage, warmth to the hearth, and joy to the soul, for wealth is family – family is wealth.”

Irish Counting BookIrish theme gifts for the baby may include a book of Irish legends or toys with an Irish theme. An Irish folk tale could even be read to the children attending the reception.

You may also be interested in the origin of some Irish baby names.