Cinco de Mayo – Mexican Independence Day

Cinco de Mayo InvitationYou don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and you don’t have to be Mexican to throw a Cinco de Mayo party! Invite your guests for May 5th with colorful fiesta invitations and request that they dress like their inner vaquero (Mexican cowboy) or dancer.

Traditional multi-colored paper flowers are easy to make. Put them everywhere! Polish off the hanging decorations with a burro piñata from your grocery or party store, and some strands of lights. Use plenty of green, white and red for Mexican flag colors, or all the bright colors you see in a beautiful mexican serape.

Cinco de Mayo InvitationYou’ll think you’re in the heart of Mexico on Independence Day if you play an assortment of Mexican guitar music, mariachi music and some salsa. Your library should have a good selection. They may also have some instructional DVDs to teach you a few salsa dance steps you can teach to your guests during your fielta. You may be surprised who’s the best dancer!

Completes the south of the border setting with Mexican goodies: tortilla chips, queso and homemade salsa on the tables for snacking, with warm quesadillas, tacos and fajitas on the food bar. Cold Dos Equis,  a big pitcher of Margaritas or  refreshing mojitos on ice fit the bill, as do delicious Mexican wedding cookies and coffee flavored with cinnamon, vanilla or cocoa for dessert.

Enjoy these important times with close friends and family, and you will have the best of old Mexico!

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