Biker Baby on the Way!

Born to ride! Biker Mom and Dad-to-be can enjoy preparing for their new little rider with a motorcycle theme baby shower, or a motorcycle theme nursery. Whether it is a Harley-Davidson, Indian or another cruiser obsession, you can combine motorcycle art, biker gifts, like the amazing and unforgettable pair of crocheted motorcycle booties, bold elements like flames, and some tire tracks. Orange is the obvious answer for a motorcycle shower color theme, with gray and black accents. It is unique, colorful and unisex. Substitute pink or blue for the orange and you keep the motorcycle feel, but make it feel much more baby-ish. The born-to-ride baby shower invitations are a must, as are the large Mylar balloon and the flame pennants. Have a little fun with the decorations, serve a delicious meal (maybe with a diner-foods theme) and crank some rock and roll. It will be a baby shower they will remember!
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Guests could opt to wear their best biker gear, or let them add it at the shower with a supply of bandanas or biker hats from a party supply store. Offer temporary tattoos with a baby theme. The favorite of the party will be the tiny biker gear for the newborn. Check the preferred bikes website for logo gear on various items. Can you hear the response? LOL.

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