Halloween Party Ideas for School Parties

It’s almost that time of year again to begin thinking about 25 or 30 little monsters in a room with games and sweets. Scary. Enjoy these classroom party ideas and please contribute any ideas and activities that have worked for you with the rest of us room-parents!

This year my son hits sixth grade, and probably does not want me in the classroom at all. Low key is the answer, and the party has to be a hit. But no pressure! I found ideas for all ages on this blog article page. I pulled one game from this article, which will work for all ages. I am going with a carnival theme for the games and will set up stations for the kids to rotate. They liked that last year. Here is my party recipe for 2012:

TryItMom.comtoilet paper pumpkin bowling game



  • Assign two volunteers to bring party treats (rice krispie treats and caramel apple bites will be suggested.)
  • Assign one volunteer for a gallon of apple cider, plus I will bring a pitcher for those who prefer water.
  • Assign one volunteer to bring in halloween plates, cups and napkins.
  • Ask a final volunteer, or several combined, to bring in enough small prizes for the class. Oriental Trading company type toy/gadgets. We will need about 75 for carnival game prizes. I am thinking bulk treasure chest goodies like the dentist gives out.
  • STATION 1: Prepare the ghost bowling game as pinned to Pinterest. Love this!
  • STATION 2: Prepare this witches hat ring-bag-toss game I saw on pinterest.
  • STATION 3: Charades with the clues tied into filled balloons. (Child must pop balloon to get his word. Terms are popular halloween costumes. Arrange orange balloons into a pumpkin shape on a board if you wish.)
  • STATION 4: Prepare a halloween ping pong ball toss by gluing three black plastic cups to a box so they stay upright. Give each child a turn to toss three ping pong balls into the cups. (A sharpie marker can turn orange ping pong balls into pumpkins, or white ones into eyeballs)
  • STATION 5: Snacks

Enjoy your party!

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