Everything for Your Anniversary Party

What items do you need for your 50th anniversary party? Enough to make it look and feel special. Enough to create a “look” without breaking the bank. Somewhere between dollar store and Martha Stewart.


Champagne Invitations from www.naptimecards.com

Cost effective anniversary party supplies can start with a reasonably priced anniversary invitation that is special enough to draw the crowd you want. This anniversary invitation is an example of a very popular photo design that is a joy to receive. Customers love the positive comments they receive about the invitations which capture the then and now of this lasting relationship.

Sending out Save the Date cards is a good idea if your guests will be coming from out of town and you want them to have plenty of time to plan. Where invitations normally go out 4-6 weeks prior to an event, you can send out save-the-date cards much earlier, increasing the odds that more special guests can attend.

R.S.V.P. Card

You may want to include a separate R.S.V.P. card which will add a touch of formality to the event. Many people today are simply requesting their responses via phone or email, eliminating the separate enclosure. The separate card does help to remind guests to respond, but it is perfectly acceptable to simply include this as a line at the bottom of your invitation.

Sharing Cards and Memory Album

If you would like to encourage guests to provide some comments toward a scrapbook or anniversary album, one of the easiest ways to do this is to include a sharing card in with your invitation. The card can be used to collect comments, stories and well wishes to put into an album with photos. Display the album at the party, or provide the cards to guests at your tables and make the scrapbook afterwards with the resulting collection. Either way it is a memorable and meaningful gift to the anniversary couple … made easier.

Golden Centerpieces

Most options for banquet table centerpieces will add up to quite a lot of money. Some options to decorate your tables include:

  • Hire a florist to make floral centerpieces for your tables ($25-50 per table minimum)
  • Scatter the tables with gold confetti and gold finish frames of a variety of photos from over the years ($5-10 per table and time to buy frames, order prints, and put them together.)
  • Order anniversary photo centerpiece kits like the ones from NaptimeCards and assemble them at the event. ($13 each)
  • Use gold pop-up table centerpieces from the party stores. (about $6 each)

Signature Photo Mat

A popular alternative to a guest book is to offer a large white photo mat for guest messages and signatures. Craft stores like Michaels carry these in stock. Add a current photo of the lovebirds, and set it out at the entrance of your party. Be sure to put the first comment and signature on the mat so that guests understand they are supposed to sign. Give this to the anniversary pair after the event in the frame it came with.

Party Favors

While not required, offering small party favors to your guests is a nice touch. It serves as an immediate thank you, the guests get something to take home, and the favor itself becomes a decoration on your tables. Easy and inexpensive options include chocolates in little white boxes with a gold bow, gold wrapped truffles, small gold frames that double as place cards, and gold pens. Many items sold as wedding favors make excellent anniversary favors as well.

Memorabilia Display

Open that box in the attic! Display mementos from the original wedding day. You can display everything from the wedding dress, marriage certificate and cake topper, along with photos of the couple through the years, to create a great conversation center at the gathering. Arrange photos on the wall  bulletin-board style, or form the snapshots into a large numeral 50.

Thank You Notes

Required! Be sure to send hand-written thank you notes to the people who attended the party for sharing the day, especially if they gave an anniversary gift.  Not only is this good manners, but it also lets you share your feelings and strengthen your friendships.


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