10 Things to Do When You are Home Sick from School

Cough. Cough. “Mom, I’m Sick!” You convince your parent that you need to stay home from school with a dramatic blend of discomfort and fatigue. Since Mom’s condition for this home recovery is a day without television, computer games and iPod, you know you need something to do or this day of quiet could go on forever. No friends. No outside play. No softball practice. Try these ideas to fill the day when you are not sleeping or catching up on homework:

  1. Organize your bookshelf alphabetically by author. This activity will likely get you reading things you forgot you had and help you find something you did not know you’d misplaced.
  2. Clean out a junk drawer or toy box. You’ll feel more organized, enjoy the sense of completion and probably spend more time playing with old toys than cleaning.
  3. Read your favorite childhood short stories. You may be amazed at how short they are now.
  4. Research a favorite subject, i.e. albino dolphins, and make a power point to show your parents. You get computer time for an educational project and get to play with a fun program.
  5. Make an interesting lunch. Assuming you can eat, try making your peanut butter and jelly sandwich jelly first, or try a cream cheese, cheddar and Parmesan cheese bagel. Then clean up your mess. Leaving a trail of crumbs and dishes does not make the day better after Mom gets home.
  6. Crafts. Do what you like. Clay, collage, drawing, painting or a sculpture from Popsicle sticks. Once again, clean up the mess.
  7. Find all the loose change in the house and count how much there is. (This does not make it your money! 🙂 How many states can you find on quarters? How many state parks on quarters? Any really old pennies?
  8. Draw a sketch of your dream home or dream bedroom. Write a story or explanation to go with it.
  9. Play with your hair style while no one can see. Try a new hairstyle, or comb it the other way.
  10. Write a blog article for your mom or dad. You know they are overworked and will appreciate it.

Enjoy your day off from your normal schedule and get well soon!

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