New Orthodox Cross Invitations

Patriarchal Cross Invitations

In Pink, Blue or Sage

Naptime Productions has recently introduced several new designs for baptism which include a patriarchal cross design used in Byzantine, Greek and Eastern Orthodox churches. With lovely results, their customers can now choose between “plain” cross versions and the more detailed patriarchal version.

The history is vague as to the symbolism of this double cross. It has been suggested that the two upper cross bars may have been meant to symbolize the secular and ecclesiastic power of Byzantine emperors, or symbolize the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The lower, slanted foot-rest is said to be slanted to represent the two criminals crucified with Jesus… one repenting and ascending to heaven, the other ridiculing Jesus and descending instead.

The letters shown with the cross, IC XC, are an abbreviation for “Jesus Christ” in Greek. The longer version, IC XC, NI-KA is an abbreviation for “Jesus Christ conquers” in Greek.  Be sure to take a look at these new designs when planning your baptism.

Also offered are gold versions to use when celebrating golden wedding anniversaries. They make a beautiful way to invite guests to celebrate the long-lasting marriage.

Naptime Productions offers fast turnaround, real people to talk to and actually read over your invitation. You will love their customer service!




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