Daddy’s Baby Shower

Dachelor Party

Inv “Dadchelor Party!”

Forget couples showers! The latest trend for baby showers is for the guys to have their own party. Can you picture it? Guys unwrapping baby booties and diaper bags. Maybe not. The ladies can have their own shower and ooh and ahhh over the gifts if they wish.
The new Dad version of the baby shower is more like a beer-bash with packs of diapers collected for admission. Some are calling it a Dadchelor party. The new Daddy may as well have one more night of grown-up fun before newborn-nights and exhaustion begin. (We are SURE he’d rather not go to a couples shower.)

How can you get men to want to come to a “shower?” The fastest way to a man’s heart… through his stomach. Barbecue, pizza (add your own toppings?), a taco bar and subs are all popular. Don’t forget the beer and munchies.

For best results, plan your party around a group activity:

  • Barbecue and Hoops
  • The Big Game at home and assemble-your-own subs
  • The Big Game at a sports bar
  • A Golf outing, then steaks on the grill
  • A Bowling Tournament
  • Poker Night with top-your-own pizza
  • Touch Football game and BBQ at the park
  • Lawn games, tacos and margaritas

We informally polled 20 men and found out their favorite baby shower games:

  • Are you kidding?
  • No.
  • Shirley you jest.
  • Basketball

When we asked what their favorite shower favors where, well, we can’t repeat what they said in mixed company. (tee hee) Lucky for us, the only thing we need for a Diaper Party is friends, food and a reason to party!


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