Operation Baby Shower!

military theme baby shower invitationsFall in for a fun baby shower theme honoring your favorite military mom-to-be. A military theme offers you an easy decoration ideas and adds some fun and encouragement for the new parents.  Check out this new line of military shower invitations from Naptime Productions. They are available personalized for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and even Coast Guard by request!

Fun gift ideas for the anticipated Army Brat…

military baby gift army brat shirt Air Force Kid Shirt
flybabies.com I love my soldier bear
army diaper cake
Army Kid Shirt Pink Camoflage infant set

Camouflage infant onesies are a must! Camo infant sets are available on several sites, including the pink camo set with matching camo booties and the “commander of the playground” shirt shown here. A personal favorite: the Army Kid shirt, which also comes in other branches. Simple and adorable.

A patriotic diaper cake, like this sweet sample from www.babygiftstocherish.com can use camoflage or a flag theme. The “I love my soldier” bear is a great nursery addition, especially for bedtime when baby’s service dad or mom is deployed.

The cutest of all may be the outfit complete with “boots” for baby. Find this one at www.mysweetdreamsbaby.com.

Read more navy or army baby shower ideas in this article including army baby shower decoration ideas.

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One comment on “Operation Baby Shower!
  1. Sandra Gualtieri says:

    I’ll send this to my daughter in law – hopefully these great product ideas will be shared by MANY at Fort Drum, NY! Pray for our soldiers. Your old friend from the old days in Carrollton, Sandra