Three Unique First Communion Gifts

clay rosaries

You have received your first communion invitation and now need to find an appropriate gift for your young friend. What to get? You are not limited to the same-old rosaries, prayer books and frames of the past! Take a look at these unique takes on First Communion gifts.

When you give a gift to a child, you want them to like it now and when they are older. You want to give something unique AND worth saving. These unique variations on rosaries make the grade.  Our favorite, a beautiful, hand-crafted clay rosary will capture the child’s interest now, and remain a keepsake for later.


Olive Wood Roasry

A Lego Rosary!

Other interesting rosary options include a smooth olive-wood rosary is a gift the child will want to use his whole life. This beautiful version includes a keepsake box that is just a beautiful as the rosary. The Lego Rosary from Etsy is an interesting way to keep a child focused on the Rosary prayer.


Personalized ceramic cross
Ceramic wall decor
personalized cross
A more masculine style personalized cross

For a wall ornament that bridges parent and child preferences, consider a personalized ceramic cross to hang in the child’s room. Adorable and age-appropriate design combine with a lasting reminder of the day and the sacrament.

Illustrated BibleAn illustrated Bible, or Bible stories, that will hold the attention of young readers is a gift the family can enjoy together. The Children’s Illustrated Bible by Selina Hastings is a colorful compilation of Bible stories with enough related information to hold their interest as they grow.

If you are looking for more interesting first communion ideas, be sure to see this Catholic Icing article! Enjoy!

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