Five Cutest First Communion Cookies

Cookie Ladies has beautiful crosses and chalices

If you are planning a first communion celebration for your child or church, you will definitely want to see the inventive and delicious designs we found. A short trip on the internet provided these great ideas. Some can can be ordered online and others could be made locally by your favorite cookie artist.

From Flickr’s Andover Cookie Mama

From Silvia Sweet Delights

Cross Cookie from Dessert Works

From First Communion Supplies

There is an art to making lovely cookies. If you plan to take on a project to make such edible art, you may choose to watch read up on making perfect frosted cookies. Consider making them a couple days ahead and freezing or refrigerating them to keep them fresh.

Wrapped individually, cookies can be a much-loved communion party favor, or can dress up your dessert table.

Your child will be amazed at how wonderful these cookies are. They will taste wonderful and look even better. All of your child’s friends will be impressed by your amazing cookies! (It is so easy to win a child’s heart!) Don’t be surprised if you are asked to recreate your feat if you do make these little creations by yourself. All your friends will want you to make a batch for their party. Now there is a goal!

I wish I could bake.

Side note: The gorgeous cross cookies with leaves and a rose shown here are listed on the baker’s website as “our standard cross cookies.” I wish my standard cookies even looked edible.

First Communion Invitations

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