Traditional Irish Wedding

Lavender in a bridal bouquet brings luck and smells heavenly.

If you are a lovely Irish bride you will want to be sure your bridal bouquet includes lavender for good luck. Perhaps continue the lavender theme by giving lavender sachets as a favor at your reception.

To help keep their feminine power, Irish brides wear braids in their hair.

Traditional Irish wedding cake is an aromatic pound cake with dried fruits and whiskey or brandy. Of course, you don’t want to use all the whiskey or brandy in the cake! 😉

A fun Irish wedding tradition for after the brandy, is putting the groom in a “janting” chair where he is lifted, carried around the reception, and presented to the guests.

Guests at an Irish wedding may want to gift a lucky horseshoe for the couple hang in their home for good luck. Open end up, of course, so the luck does not drain out.

Claddagh Wedding Invitation

The Irish Claddagh symbol is an old design symbolizing friendship, love and loyalty. It was created by an Irish sailor for his sweetheart when he returned home after many years to find she had waited for him. Share the romance by choosing Claddagh wedding bands and a claddagh wedding invitation.

Some traditions can stay in the olden times. You may choose not to let your best man and bridesmaid know that a hen tied to bridal bed ensures fertility. You may prefer the quiet.

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  1. Tara says:

    I love all these quirky Irish traditions in weddings. They are so romantic. Check out this site as well. They have some other great Irish Wedding traditions.