Sock Monkeys – Timeless Fun

The sock monkey as we know it first came into being around the turn of the century when folks would take old scraps of cloth and, yes, old socks, and turn them into a lovable toy monkey – thrifty and innovative! I remember the classic Red-Heel brand sock monkey in the late seventies, when they seemed to be a Christmas tradition. But you don’t have to be 100 years old, or even a baby boomer, to see what is so special about these happy little critters. And with a sock monkey themed baby shower or birthday party, you can share your love of the foot-covering primate – the sock monkey – and set your guests a-swinging!

You can make your own sock monkey from classic Red-Heel brand socks, the how to sew a sock monkey instructions have been included on every pack since 1955. Finished sock monkeys range from colorful to classic, boy to girl, big to teeny tiny. You can throw a sock monkey baby shower, or a sock monkey birthday party. All you need are two or three of the following: a sock monkey baby shower invitation or a sock monkey birthday invitation, sock monkey cake, sock monkey fabric (for table cloths, or runners), sock monkey favors, and sock monkey stickers. You can decorate a Sock Monkey Nursery. Sock monkeys appear on art for the walls or wall stickers, crib bedding, books and clothing for your little monkey. You can even let the world know when your baby arrives with a sock monkey birth announcement.

Sock Monkey Baby Shower Invitation

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