Sip and See Baby Shower Tea (a.k.a. A Floating Shower)

Count the diaper pins in a jar. Baby find-a-word puzzles. Guess the circumference of the expecting mommy’s tummy. Dreading the invitation to the same old baby shower? Well, there’s a new trend in baby showers that accommodates everyone’s busy schedule and eliminates the inevitable diaper folded napkins and baby bingo games, while still giving you the opportunity to show the newborn just how glad you are that they’re here.

Sip and See Baby ShowerWhat is a floating baby shower?

They come with different names such as “Meet the Baby Shower”, “Floating Baby Shower,” “Sip and See Baby Shower” or a “Baby Shower Tea Party,” but the premise is basically the same… a relaxed open house feeling without the structure of the conventional baby shower.

Sip and See showers are best thrown after the baby is born. They are informal and give the guests the opportunity to stop by at their convenience during predetermined times. Let guests know that this is a come-when-you-can shower, and indicate what hours they may drop in on the baby shower invitations. Since it is informal, even emailed invitations are appropriate. And, because the new parents are on a hectic schedule themselves, limit the sip and see party to a 2-3 hour time span.

For Sip and See Shower or Floating baby shower invitations, be sure to clarify on your baby shower invites what format the shower will be. You can choose any design appropriate to a baby shower but should specify that the event will be “open house” or “drop in” so that your guests understand, as many of them may not have heard of an Sip and See or Floating shower before.

Because all of the guests will not be present at the same time, you could possibly schedule “drop-in” games. Baby shower games to play at a sip and see, such as “guess the birth time”, write out a tip for the new parents, or the jelly bean guessing game can be set up at a table near the baby shower food buffet for optional participation.

Baby Shower Tea invitation
Sip and see party decorations can be very simple. Baby shower ideas may include an “It’s a boy/girl” banner and maybe include the baby’s name. Use balloons, candles or a bouquet of flowers to add a festive touch. The sip and see baby shower is probably people’s first chance to meet the baby so scattering photos from their birth to the present gives your guests an opportunity to see how much the baby has grown!

A Baby Shower Tea party held before the baby is born is missing the “star” of the shower, of course, but still offers a pleasant alternative to a traditional shower with it’s unstructured format and delicious treats.

baby shower tea invitationWhat to have at a Sip and See:

With a “Sip and See” shower, or floating shower, beverages are the main item for your menu. Both alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages are served with a light appetizer selection, like an afternoon tea. The open house format of a baby shower tea party calls for a buffet-style presentation. Foods that can be prepared in advance and will keep unrefrigerated for the length of the open house are essential. Croissants along with a meat and cheese tray, tea sandwiches, vegetable trays, pasta salads, fresh fruit and an assortment of desserts are a great way to feed the hungry visitors without the host needing to hover over the buffet table. Delicious baby shower tea recipes and menus are plentiful online!

Baby is Brewing favor from 4ShowersTea Party Pops from Century NoveltySip and See Party Favors:

Personalized tea favors for each guest are nice Sip and See party favors, or how about a “babies are sweet” sugar cookie mix? A favorite personalized party favor would be to take a picture of each guest with the new mommy and baby and mail them out along with the thank you notes. Your baby shower tea favors could have a china teacup or tea pot theme, of course. Most importantly, your gift for coming needs to be a special something your guests want to take home, to thank them for attending.

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