Selecting the Right Name for Baby

As fun and exciting as the pre-birth festivities can be, there is a far more important decision to make than the color of the baby’s room or the decision between cloth or disposable diapers. It is choosing the name that will be a part of your child’s life for the rest of their life.

Naming your baby can be essential to a child’s earliest sense of identity so choosing a baby name is something you shouldn’t rush into. There are different criteria and considerations you can use in making your choice. The meaning of a name doesn’t usually come up in conversation but may help you to decide. Family names handed down from generation to generation are popular as are names that derive from the family’s country of origin. Popular or common names with conventional spellings are a good bet. Remember that putting a unique spin on a pronunciation or spelling of your child’s name may be a current trend, but it’s your child who will spend his lifetime explaining to others how the name is really spelled or pronounced. If you have your heart set on an unconventional name you can use it as a middle name. If your child likes it they can use it when they feel comfortable or if they hate it, they never have to use it.

Some pitfalls can be what their initials, shortened forms or nicknames will be. Check them first to avoid future embarrassment. Make sure you don’t choose a first name that ends with the same letter that your last name begins with. It can make for a tongue twister. Keep in mind that your child won’t always be your little bundle of joy but will grow into adulthood and the name you choose should be one that your child will be able to grow up and old with. A really cute name for a baby might not necessarily fit someone in their 40’s.

Once you’ve decided on the baby’s name try practicing how it sounds. The full name spoken out loud or used in a sentence should flow and be pleasant to hear. Remember that if both parents can’t decide on one name that you can always use one as the first name and one as the middle name!

Your baby’s name will be your first and most lasting gift to them so be patient and choose wisely.

If you’re curious as to what the most popular baby names are, here is a list of the top ten boy/girl names of 2008 according to the Social Security Administration.


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