Round ‘Em Up for a Cowgirl Baby Shower

western cowgirl baby shower invitation
If the little cowgirl on-the-way is busy kickin’ mama’s insides, it is probably time to get cookin’ on the pink cowgirl baby shower plans. So round-up a list of friends and family who are excited to welcome this new little cowpoke, and let’s plan some fun.

First, figure out where and when. Then you can get moving on the cowgirl baby shower invitations. Once that is done, you can work on shower details that will make your cowgirl shower fun for everyone. If your group is comprised of game lovers, you can plan a few light-hearted games. Since most crowds are a mix of game-lovers and game-haters, you many want to pull back on the reins and limit yourself to one or two games.

cowgirl shower advice cards - sharing cards
What people enjoy most at a shower is sharing in the mom-to-be’s excitement, enjoying a delicious meal, and catching up with common friends and relatives. For this reason, the games that work best are conversation starters and funny games. Also wonderful are activities that provide items for cowgirl baby’s scrapbook, like parenting advice cards from the guests. Sharing cards handed out at the shower are filled out by each guest and put into a scrapbook for the mom-to-be.
cowgirl diaper cake

Bright pink plates and table covers can be accented with western bandanas and daisies for a great cowgirl look. A cowgirl theme shower can play on the fun of being a girl, hopefully tie into the mother’s plans for the cowgirl nursery, and give you a focal point for your menu and decor. For cowgirl baby shower decorations, consider pink paisley bandana fabric, or pink gingham for a country look. Pink bandanas could work for napkins or shower favors. These paisley tote bags would make great shower favors, too. For cowgirl shower decor, how about scattering pink cowgirl hats and pink paisley wrapped mints on the tables?

pink cowgirl napkins
pink paisley bandana favors

cowgirl shower party favors

We found some beautiful cowgirl shower gifts including wall art, blankets, a brown and pink western diaper bag, and the cutest cowgirl boots you ever saw! Click these items to link to the site where they are sold.

pink cowgirl diaper bag

cowgirl baby blanket

infant cowgirl boots

cowgirl baby booties

cowgirl bib
well bred pajamas

cowgirl nursery art

infant cowboy hats

cowgirl quilt or wall hanging

daddy's little cowgirl shirt

Yee ha! Time for a western theme cowgirl baby shower!


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  1. Keri Marsh says:

    Hello 🙂
    I am really interested in the cowgirl babyshowe invites. Could you tell me where or how this all works? Do you make them? Where did you get them etc? ANY help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks sooo much!!