Korean First Birthday Celebration

Korean First Birthday Invitation
The centuries old traditional Korean Tol celebration is alive and well. This first birthday of a Korean child is still celebrated as a time of congratulations for their parents and family. In Korean culture this milestone event is marked with the making and wearing of the Hanbok, the traditional dress worn during festivals and celebrations, and tables set with dozens of varying symbolic items.

Each food prepared has a specific meaning. Steamed rice cakes represent a pure spirit, sticky rice cakes are a wish that the child grow to be tenacious and strong, noodles represent a long life. Along with food, other items are placed on the table and are necessary to complete the Toljabee event. The child is guided around the table, generally by their father, and the items that attract them are said to be a prediction of their future. Here are some examples as to the types of objects that can be presented to the little one and what choosing them can mean.

Korean first birthday invitation
Needle and thread – the child will live a long life
Book or pencil – the child will become a successful scholar
Ruler, needle or scissors – the child will be talented with their hands

The birthday child is placed at the table so that the other guests can face them in yet another sign that they are the center of attention on their special day.

In the modern Tol, taking a picture of the child is an important part of the event. The photo is generally taken with the child seated and a Korean traditional screen used as the background. These photos can be taken in advance and used as the focus of your Tol invitation.

Naptime Productions is pleased to offer Korean first birthday invitations to help your family celebrate this special occasion. These two Tol Invitation designs feature the traditional hanbok.

Steeped in custom and tradition, this birthday celebration continues to say “Saengil chukha hamnida”. Happy Birthday.

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