Hosting a Non-Traditional Bridal Shower

Planning a non-traditional couples shower for your favorite bride and groom to be? If you are looking for a couple-friendly event that couples may even enjoy attending, make it party!

  • Nix the gift show. To allow for a mingling, social event, don’t  require your guests to watch the gift unwrapping. Consider having a “display shower” where gifts are set out on a table as people come in. These can arrive “unwrapped” so that everyone can see the gifts as they walk by, be unwrapped as each guest arrives, or left to open later, without calling for an audience.


  • Have party music playing to set the mood.


  • Want time for the girlfriends to chat? Possibly add a “cigar lounge” area or plan an event that the groom and buddies can escape to, i.e. a sporting event.



  • tie the knot
    Want to have a little fun with the groom-to-be at the couples shower? Consider using this comic ball and chain invitation to set the mood. Pair with a lighthearted toast from the best man and maid of honor, gag gifts, and some general silliness. Can the groom sweat bullets on cue? This game should do it…


  • Create a quiz to find out how much the bride knows about the groom, or vice versa. Either the bride and groom can take the quiz, or the guests can.


  • Possibly make “his” and “hers” teams for a relay games, like this one: GETTING DRESSED RELAY GAME- Have an assortment of wacky clothing related to the occasion: wedding veil, old bridesmaid’s dress, tux jacket, ruffled shirt, top hat, corsage… what ever you can find. Divide clothing equally into two bags. Each team lines up, and the front person in line runs to their team’s bag, pulls out and puts on one item. Then they race back to their line. The item they put on is given to the next person in line, who puts it on, then dashes down for a new item from the bag. This continues until the last item is added and that player returns, wearning all the items, to the team line.




  • Enjoy!



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