Greek Baptism Traditions

Greek baptism towel set
The baptism of a baby in the Greek Orthodox Church is a ceremony second only to marriage in its symbolism, and the christening of a child is a major event in the life of their family. Every region in Greece has its own traditions that set it apart from the rest of the country, but there are similarities in tradition that carry through all of Greece. Among those are the items that must be brought to the church by the godparents.

  • baptismal pillar candles
    1 small white towel to be used by the priest and godparents to wipe their hands after the baptism
  • 1 large white towel to wrap the baby in
  • 1 large white sheet to be used with the towel to wrap the baby in
  • 1 set of baptismal undergarments to dress the baby immediately after the immersion
  • 1 small bottle of olive oil for the priest to pour into the baptismal water
  • 1 bar of soap for the priest and godparents to wash their hands
  • 3 white candles to be lit after the baptism when they walk around the baptismal font
  • a baptismal outfit

  • Martyrika Christening PinMartyrika-Christening Witness Pins
    that will be pinned on the guests attending the ceremony
  • A gold cross on a chain for the baby to wear
  • A baptismal box to put all of the above items in to carry them to the church

Greek Baptism Invitations

Baptism Invitation for Girls
Personalized Greek Baptism invitations allow you to express to the formality of the occasion, clarify reception details and announce the Godparent names. For more ideas, check these links:


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