Frozen Dinner Baby Showers

Riceland Cheesie Chicken Casserole
I like the idea of a frozen dinner baby shower. During the hospital stay and immediately following when the baby first comes home, there will be little time for cooking meals, and relying on fast food for even three or four days is not healthy, in some cases not all that tasty, and certainly not cheap! So having a shower where the each guest brings a frozen meal takes a lot of pressure off of the family already busy adjusting to the new little one in the home, and provides the family with convenient, wholesome meals. But you can take this idea a whole lot further

Instead of freezing meals, each guest can pick a day to go over to the home and prepare a meal. Not only will the family have a fresh, hot meal, but they will also enjoy the company of a family friend, which for Mom, who may not get out much in the next week or two, would be a much needed adult visitor.

Certainly gift cards to favorite eating venues would also be convenient for mom, dad, and the children, but try for something other then the regular burger and fries fare. Maybe Chinese takeout is a family favorite, or Italian is more their taste. A little change of pace is just the thing for a family under the direction of the new little boss for the first couple of weeks before everything settles into a normal routine.

welcome new baby!For a different take, instead of frozen or home cooked meals, what if each guests picks a day to volunteer their time to do laundry, tidy up the house, run errands, babysit, shop for groceries or serve as chauffeur for the day? Turn it into a baby shower game along the lines of pin the tail on the donkey. Hang up a calendar and have blindfolded guests stick a pin on a date. On that day they come over and perform a task like cooking a meal, cleaning a room, or even babysitting the new little one as well as siblings, giving Mom and Dad a little break to get out of the house for an hour or two just by themselves, something they will not be able to do much in the coming months.

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