First Birthday Fun, Really.

First Birthday Invitation
Planning a first birthday celebration is quite different than planning older childrens’ birthday parties. The focus in this party needs to be adjusted to coordinate with your guest list.

Mostly Adults
If your party is mostly adults and a few toddlers, you may choose to keep the party more sophisticated with adult food favorites and beverages. Your decorations could lean more elegant than playful. Create a children’s island for your youngest guests. Set up a toddler-safe play area, and have age-appropriate treats and activities ready. The end result could be a refreshing adult mixer, which is also child-friendly.

1st birthday invitations
Mostly Young Families

If your guest list will include many children of varying ages, your party could be focused on their entertainment. Your one-year-old will be too young for the activities, but he will greatly enjoy watching the older children play games. You only need one game and a craft project. The focus of the party can still be conversation and relaxation. Providing a children’s play area with coloring pages, toys and toddler munchies will allow the parents to mingle. You may want to set up an older children’s area, too, with age-appropriate games and toys.

What will make the party best for you and your birthday baby?

  • Plan the party for your baby’s best time of day. Never have a child’s party at nap time. Fuses are short then.
  • One-year-old children do not play in groups yet. Allow your baby to spend much of the party on your hip, observing the crowd.
  • Plan foods and a beverage counter that do not require maintenance during the party. If the snacks or beverages will need replenishing during the party, ask a sister, niece or aunt to monitor the refills.
  • Be ready for a mess. There will be one. Have clean up supplies handy.
  • Ask a relative to make a list of gifts as you open them.
  • Enjoy! It’s YOUR party. Don’t worry if your baby hides his head from Aunt Millie, wants to play with the box instead of the gift, or refuses to touch the cake. So goes parenthood.
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