Creating Your Wedding Program

Wedding programs are a little detail that adds something special to your wedding day. While a program is not a requirement, they are becoming increasingly popular and there are certain ceremonies where they might be more necessary than others. If you are having a religious or traditional wedding, there may be guests who are of another faith or culture. If it’s a large wedding, your guests are unlikely to know everyone in the bridal party. Guests may want to be prepared for a long wait if it’s going to be a long ceremony or you may have a lot of people you need to thank. For whatever reason, a wedding program is a thoughtful gesture and souvenir for your guests.

Programs don’t necessarily have to fit the book format or match your wedding invitation exactly. They can be a simple card, rolled sheet, or even a fancy vellum sheet attached to a backer card with a wedding color coordinated ribbon. There are no rights or wrongs as far as content, but there is some basic information that is generally included.

At the top of the program or on the cover are typically the date and/or the names of the couple. You can also include the location and time of the ceremony, a photo of the couple or some sort of design. List what will happen during the ceremony and try to be specific, greeting, readings, exchange of vows, etc., and be sure to list the events in the order they will occur.

List the members of the bridal party. Who they are and what part they are playing in the ceremony. For example:
The officiant (minister, priest, rabbi)
parents of the bride
parents of the groom
living grandparents
maid of honor
best man

If space allows you can make mention of deceased family members, short descriptions as to why each bridesmaid and groomsman is special to you, why you chose that particular church or location of the reception.

Your wedding program is another way to personalize your wedding and your guests will appreciate the personal touch.


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