Beach Theme Baby Shower Ideas

beach baby shower invitation
Be ahead of the curve by throwing a baby shower that everyone will talk about. The tropical baby shower is in style, along with a growing trend towards a beach baby shower theme. You’re never limited to the conventional when you can be host to your guests in the great outdoors. Indoors or out, crank up the Beach Boys or calypso music and set the mood!

The color selections are endless and your own backyard setting can be transformed into the tropics with some garden torches and colorful patio lights along with your own garden flowers. If you go with the beach baby shower theme, small buckets of sand with sand toys and sea shells can decorate the tables that you can cover with large beach towels instead of the usual tablecloths. Use a child’s wading pool to float colorful flowers or beach toys. If the weather doesn’t permit, you can bring in a touch of paradise with just a few inexpensive supplies. Use beach chairs as space permits draped with beach towels or pass out sunglasses and leis. Skirt your tables with hula skirt material or decorate a bassinet hawaiian-style to receive gifts.

Beach Baby Shower Invitation
Choose tropical baby shower invitations showing a tropical scene to help set the tone before the big day. The food you serve can also continue the tropical baby shower theme. Set out a platter of mango, passion fruit and strawberries along with a cool refreshing beverage spiced up with a cocktail umbrella. If your tropical shower is close to mealtime how about a barbecue? Hamburgers, hotdogs and ice cream treats to remind you of your own childhood days at the shore.

The beach ball toss is a nice ice-breaker. Hand the ball to one person and have them state their name, something interesting about themselves or how they know the mommy-to-be and then pass it along to the person next to them. Of just let a beach ball volley around during the gift opening. If your guests are really relaxed, some may choose to particpate in a hula lesson or contest you have planned ahead.

Need a tropical baby shower favor that you can make yourself? Send your guests away with a mini-bottle filled with sand and a little thank you tag attached from mommy and baby. We also show several tropical theme shower favors in our blog article about tropical bridal showers.

Don’t let tradition hold you back. Some of the most memorable and enjoyable baby showers are those that don’t fit the mold.


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