Baby Footprint Shower Ideas

Little baby footprints are timeless, recognized and appreciated by all generations. They can easily be used to make a charming and easy baby shower theme. Here is our recipe for a simple, colorful baby shower that the mom-to-be will love!

  • Choose your color. If you are expecting a blue or pink bundle, you can simply decorate your shower in pink or blue, of course, but also consider green, or a combination of colors. Selecting a color theme pulls the look together and makes the trip to the party store for napkins and party-ware easy and less expensive because you can buy the bigger packs of single color items. Then add footprint accents for baby shower. For best results, choose a medium color and accent with a paler shade or white. Consider tying footprint ribbon from your local craft store around your napkins.

  • baby shower footprint invitation
    baby shower footprint cards
    Begin with a baby shower footprint invitation. Naptime Productions offers an elegant baby shower footprint card in pink or blue, and an inexpensive one in pink, blue or green. Be sure to include all your party details so your guests know what to expect, but common baby shower etiquette requires that you not mention gifts on the invitation. The generally accepted practice today is to quietly mention a gift registry at the end of the invitation in small text. Don’t forget matching thank you notes!

  • baby footprint ribbon
    For baby footprint shower decorations, add white footprints to the tables (cut from paper or painted on the table covers). You can get a free footprint clip art stencil here. To make your own footprint themed baby shower decorations, you could use potted flowers with a matching ribbon tied around each pot. Use white paint to put footprints on the pots.
    These can double as party favors or prizes.
  • Plan your meal. Since the guests will likely be bringing gifts to welcome the new baby, you want to thank them in advance by making the shower a real treat with delicious foods, good company and a special touches. Your baby shower menu ideas may include the mom-to-be’s favorite appetizers, a selection of beverages, like iced tea, lemonade and coffee, and make-ahead, crowd-pleasers like turkey tetrazzini or spinach spaghetti casserole.

  • blue footprint baby shower favor
    pink footprint baby shower favor
    Favors like these pink or blue footprint soaps add color to each place setting and are fun to receive. Another easy to make yourself baby shower favor idea is to get color coordinated hard candies and fill these favor boxes for each place setting. Either will double as baby footprint shower decorations to carry through the theme and color.

    pink footprint favor box
    blue footprint favor box
  • footprint cakeFor the dessert table, a footprint theme cake can work as your centerpiece. This wonderful cake, from Carolyn’s Cookies, is decorated with iced cookies… cute on the cake or off! These chocolate footprint cookies from Eden Cakes are almost as cute as the actual piggy toes!

  • foot cookie cutter
    footprint cookies
    Make your own footprint cookies with foot cookie cutters, or perhaps give footprint cookie cutters as shower favors. Another popular idea is to use a footprint theme diaper cake as the centerpiece, and let it double as a gift for the baby. You could wrap the diaper cake in footprint ribbon from your local craft store, and perhaps top with cute baby shoes and socks.

footprint baby gift basket

pink footprints baby shower gift
Baby shower gifts with a footprint theme include onesies, hand and footprint kits, this fun “what’s kickin?” t-shirt for mommy, and gift boxes like these.

Have more footprint baby shower ideas? Send them to us and we will add them here!

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