Avoiding the “Dreaded Baby Shower”

baby shower invitationsI tend to get excited about baby showers, themes and gifts, as I am a born baby lover. However, attending a baby shower is NOT always looked forward to with such enthusiasm by your entire guest list. The mom-to-be’s closest family and friends will of course want to be there to share in the joy. They will likely have fun just being together. But what about the rest of your guests. How can you make this baby shower fun for them? Here are a few ideas. Feel free to contribute more ideas!!

  • Consider having a “display shower.” We are seeing more invitations mentioning at the end of their information “display shower – please bring unwrapped gifts.” The gifts are arranged on a gift display table like at a wedding. We have also seen this termed a “no-wrap” gift shower, or a “green shower” since no wrapping paper was sacrificed to the dump due to the planning of this shower.Advantages: no one has to sit through 1.5 hours of tedious gift unwrapping! Anyone interested in looking through the gifts can peruse the table. If not, they are free to mix and mingle, or get involved in any other activities you have planned, more like a party.Disadvantages: guests may feel uncomfortable just dropping an unwrapped gift on the table. They will want to dress up their package a bit anyway. A bow and gift tag should do it.
  • Make it special for your guests, not just for the expectant mother. Beautiful favors, special foods, and a friendly atmosphere will make your guests glad they came. Have your conversation starters ready!
  • Consider hosting a non-traditional baby shower. A backyard barbecue couples shower, a picnic with kids invited, or an elegant afternoon tea may break your party out of the mold.
  • If the mom-to-be does not really want or need a big shower, perhaps plan a small event with close friends or immediate family. The small, personal gathering and the knowledge that you are excited about the new baby is best gift for the new parents. You can also chip in to get one big gift that will mean the world to them.
  • Make it easy on your guests. It is good to know that Miss Manners does not wish to see registry information on an invitation, or any mention of gifts, but there is also reality. Most people bring a gift to a shower. Helping guests easily find something that will be a hit is a kindness. But don’t give any gift specifics or requirements on the invitation. Your guest should have complete gift freedom. If they need specific ideas, they will call.
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