Ahoy Mateys! It’s a Pirate Birthday

Pirate birthday party invitation
Ahoy Mateys! Climb aboard for some fun and games, little pirate style! If you little one loves playing pirate, a pirate theme birthday party is a must! Fun for all the little deck-swabbers… and there is a lot of ocean to travel!

Begin with a pirate birthday party invitation to set the mood. Be sure to include plenty of little sailors on your guest list since you’ll need a boatload. We normally plan for one guest per year of age, however, since many friends may have other obligations on a Saturday afternoon, you will want to invite a few extra.

For decorations and favors combined, you may want to consider a small treasure chest for each guest. Not only can they decorate them when they are at the table, but you can fill them with gems and jewels and chocolate coins. Here are some treasure chest supplies and fillers we found online:

wooden treasure chest

pirate jewels

Red and black are the obvious color choices. Decorations for the party room could include pirate balloons, a pirate flag, red and black stripes, snacks and a big treasure chest. Choose your food and beverage names with care! Little pirates may prefer “shark blood” to “fruit punch” as was mentioned in this pirate party description.

An “ancient” pirate map (folded, creased and perhaps “aged” with some yellow food coloring and singed edges) could lead the little pirates on a treasure hunt for prizes. This party game can be as challenging as you wish to make it, with clue leading to clue.

toy pirate swordIf a full-grown pirate could attend the party (dad? grandpa?) they could give sword fighting lessons to the little pirates, but only if they are dressed in their bandanas and eye patches and have applied their ship’s secret pirate tatoo. These inflatable swords are good training gear. Do winners or losers have to walk the plank? (It depends upon what you get to jump into! The dark sea of pillows could be fun.)

pirate cupcakes

Cakes or cupcakes can be based on a treasure chest, pirate symbols (skull & crossbones, treasure, dagger) or even a pirate ship.

You can print free pirate coloring pages to use as a getting assembled activity.

All aboard for some pirate fun!

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