Five Quick Additions to your Anniversary Party

You are short on time and the days are spinning by. The party date and location are set. How the heck are you going to get the rest of the party details done in time? For the special touches, you just need an hour for some advance planning.

First, ask for help. Many family anniversary parties are headed up by a lone “volunteer.”  That would be you. That does note mean that you need to do all the party prep. Help is easy to find when you assign specific, bite-sized tasks.

    1. Ask your siblings and other close relatives to help by making a short, 30 or 60 second toast to the anniversary couple. See our anniversary toast ideas.
    2. Assign each sibling and grandchild to bring one thing to add to a memory table at the party. A photo, a momento, or a symbol of the marriage and the family they have built.

  1. anniversary memory cardHave memory cards printed and available at the party. Either in lieu of a guest book, or at each place setting, each guest can bring a personal fond memory of the couple.
  2. Ask a responsible grandchild to take the things from the memory table and the memory cards and assemble them into an empty scrapbook or momento box for the anniversary couple.
    keepsake box


    You can pick up a nice photo box at photo specialty stores, or get a personalized on many websites.

  3. Have a favorite old song ready for a special dance. After the anniversary couple has had the spotlight for a short while, gradually add other family couples until the dance floor is “open.”

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