Anniversary Ideas for Your Parents, Without the Big Party

You’d love to throw a party for your parents celebrating their 50th or 60th anniversary, but travel or health issues make it impossible to hold a reception. How can you make the day extra special without a party?

anniversary card shower invitationThrow a Card Shower!

  • Snail mail can be a fun part of an anniversary celebration, providing anticipation, memories and an easy, inexpensive way for distant friends to take part.
  • To host a card shower, send out anniversary announcements to friends and family of the couple, suggesting that they send a card with a personal message to arrive on or near the anniversary date. If you mail your “card shower” announcements a month prior to the anniversary, the recipients should have plenty of time to get a greeting card ready.

Arrange A Special Dinner

  • If you are not nearby, arrange for the anniversary couple to have a special romantic dinner served at home by a local caterer.
  • Bringing distant families to the anniversary couple may be impossible, but how about a short visit by a couple of their children? There are few things parents like more than to see their children, especially together.
  • Host a small family dinner at a nearby restaurant, bringing a few nostalgic items if possible.

Video Greetings

  • Have each family branch put together a short video with anniversary greetings and send it on time for the big day. Each family could record a simple interview. You could make this simpler for the creative-challenged by providing a list of questions to answer, like, “what trait did you get from each of your parents” or “what have you learned from grandma and grandpa?”If your anniversary couple is technology challenged, have a local grandchild take over a laptop and show them the videos you posted on You Tube, or set up a Skype video call.

anniversary announcementMore Distance Greetings

  • Arrange for a series of phone calls on anniversary day to the celebrants.
  • Make a small poster, collage or drawing to commemorate the event. Cut it into the same number of pieces as the anniversary year to make a puzzle of sorts. Mail one or two pieces a day for a month. They can work on this puzzle leading up the new day, looking forward to more pieces in each day’s mail.
  • Find out what  flowers and colors were in the wedding and send a special floral arrangement with those favorites.
  • Arrange a singing telegram for delivery on anniversary day
  • Put an anniversary announcement in their local paper and their hometown paper if they have relocated over the years.
  • Contact the church they attend and ask if  their wedding anniversary could be mentioned during the church service that week.
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