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The golden anniversary is one of the most celebrated anniversaries, and rightly so.  A half century in love with the same person is a gift in itself.  When choosing that “ something special” to commemorate the occasion you will need to keep in mind that after 50 years of marriage the celebrated couple has probably accumulated most of the usual anniversary gifts. When considering gifts, think twice before purchasing anniversary plates, jewelry, knick knacks, etc. Many celebrants of that age are trying to reduce clutter and possessions in their lives.

Most anniversary invitations today request, “no gifts,” in a polite way. Yet, it’s always a temptation to want to give the couple something lavish, but here are just a few out-of-the-ordinary tokens of recognition you can consider giving as your gift to them:

  1. Purchase tickets or gift certificates for a movie, favorite restaurant, sporting event, concert or theatre and wrap the tickets with a gold ribbon.  A little extravagance they may not always give to themselves.
  2. Put together a cd with songs from the year of the wedding.  Just listening to the cd will bring back constant pleasant memories.
  3. Create a family quilt with each square done by a family member. Something to keep them warm in body and soul.
  4. Assemble a photo album, something small enough to fit on an end table with pictures of their 50 years together.  Include the wedding, their children, grandchildren, life long friends, trips taken together, homes lived in.  You can include stories from family and friends. Just the flip of a page will take them back to a pleasant memory.
  5. A nice momento that not everyone has is an anniversary greeting from the White House!
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